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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

November 11, 2018



Veterans Day Recognition of Military Nurse

This Veterans day, the Gypsy Nurse would like to recognize Diana DeForest, a Military Nurse Veteran that is now a member of our Gypsy Nurse Family.

Military Nurse Veteran, Diana DeForest served in the Army for 29 years total. Her service included active, reserve and inactive reserve status throughout the years. She joined in September of 1986 and retired in 2016. Diana’s first duty station was Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. She was a surgical technologist at that time. After her active duty service, she went into the reserves and served mostly in the state of Michigan. Diana commissioned as a military nurse officer in the Army Nurse Corp in July of 2000. She worked as an Army nurse in the ICU and OR until her retirement in 2016.

When asked about an experience to share, Diana writes

“I was fortunate over the years to do many things in my military nurse role and I have had the honor of leading many troops as a commander.

One of my favorite opportunities was being able to be a leader on a mission trip to Africa. We were able to provide surgical intervention for 300 natives doing cataract surgery in a rather primitive environment. In America we would never have operated like this. Four surgeons and surgical techs with one circulating nurse. It was not an OSHA or Joint Commission sanctioned event for sure. Many were served and teaching and learning was accomplished on this mission. Training was done with native physicians and potential nurses.”

Transitioning to Travel Nursing

After her Military service, Diana’s husband was retiring from 32 years of active military service and their last child had graduated high school so they planned a vacation to Jamaica.

On the beach, in Jamaica the couple decided life was too short to be stressed in management positions. They decided to sell the house and buy a new truck and fifth wheel and begin Travel Nursing! Diana states “Five years later here we are. The best things really do happen in Jamaica!”

Diana states that the biggest difference between military nursing and travel nursing is “… the structure. In the Army there are rules and regulations and the people you are taking care of are trained to follow them. That’s how we stay alive in crisis/war. Soldiers know that if you don’t follow what they are told there are consequences. In this environment there is much less “hotel” nursing.”

Diana further states that “I loved my time in the Army and I 100% know that being a Soldier is what makes me the type of Travel Nurse I am today.”

Thank you Military Nurse Veteran, Diana for your service to our country in both your Military career as well as your services as a Travel Nurse. Your commitment to our nations healthcare is humbly appreciated.

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