Ultrasound Training: Efficacy of an Ultrasound Training Program for Nurses

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By Karen Koblan

July 26, 2022



Efficacy of an Ultrasound Training Program for Nurses

Equipping a hospital or clinic with some high-tech imaging machines and systems goes a long way in producing accurate diagnosis and correct treatment. There is quite a variety of imaging machines. Some ultrasound machines do examine specific organs. The imaging machines include Computed Tomography (CT Scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI Scan), Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan), and ultrasound machine. All imaging machines require intensive training to facilitate accuracy in their operation. They are also delicate and require careful handling, observing all the laid precaution advice. 

The use of radiation-emitting imaging machines to examine organs has adverse health-related complications. Ultrasound machines that use sound waves to create an image on a display screen have become the most preferred and recommended type of imaging since they don’t emit any ration that can cause harm to the patient. The same reason has led to using of ultrasound machines to examine delicate and sensitive organs.

Expectant mothers undergo ultrasound scans to keep the mother and the unborn baby safe. Undergoing training concerning usage, interpretation, and maintenance increases the nurse’s efficacy while operating an ultrasound machine. The following article outlines some key results of efficient ultrasound training for nurses.

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In-depth Understanding Of Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound machines use sound waves to create images. The functionality of the ultrasound machine is dependent on more than one part. The primary parts of an ultrasound machine include; the transducer that collects the sound waves from the body surface as it slides on greased skin. It then transports the collected sound waves to the central processing unit (CPU) that converts the sound waves into images. The images move to the display for a simplified viewing experience. A transducer pulse control helps the technician controls the frequency, amplitude, and duration of the pulse collected by the transducer. The technician inputs data and collects measurements at the display using the keyboard. The printer helps the ultrasound machine print out the information displayed on the display screen.

A nurse who has undergone the ultrasound training program can step in when the doctor is preoccupied and prepare the ultrasound machine to ensure it is functioning. It saves time and eliminates delays during the procedure.

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Enhances Patient Preparation Skills

One of the primary roles of nurses is to prepare the patient emotionally and physiologically before, during, and after a medical procedure. Having undergone the ultrasound training program helps the nurse comfortably explain to the patients what to expect during the ultrasound procedure.

The nurse advises the patient on the requirements for the ultrasound. The preparation differs depending on the type of procedure. Generally, an ultrasound procedure requires the patient to be loosely dressed, without jewelry near the area underdiagnosis. The patient may need to change into a hospital gown to ease access to the part under examination. It also depends on the type of ultrasound to be conducted. The patient may be advised not to take water or any liquid within a given period, and others may require one to consume more water within a given period.

Gains Skills To Perform an Ultrasound

Ultrasound procedures get performed by a sonographer. Some simple ultrasound procedures get delegated to nurses who have undergone an ultrasound training program to conduct them. The basic ultrasound procedure sees the patient change into a hospital gown and lying on an examination table with the area expected to undergo the ultrasound procedure exposed. The technicians then apply a clear or blue jelly-like substance to the exposed area. The ultrasound technician slides a transducer over the lubricated area to collect the sound wave that creates images.

The jelly-like substance helps the transducer, which works like a microphone, to tap the high-frequency sound waves that echo upon hitting organs and bones. The nurse can advise or help the patient keep a convenient position for a successful ultrasound.  

ultrasound training

Exposure To Different Types Of Ultrasound

There are three main categories of ultrasound exams, namely, External ultrasound, the transducer moves over the skin like one performed on expectant mothers to monitor the unborn baby. An internal ultrasound is where the transducer gets inserted into the body, e.g., one inserted in the vagina to examine the uterus or the ovaries. The endoscopic ultrasound is where the transducer has an endoscope attached to it. It goes deep into the body like one used to examine the stomach via the esophagus.

The patient preparation for ultrasound differs per category and in after procedure effect. Through ultrasound training, nurses become conversant with the wide variety of ultrasounds. They also learn how to conduct an ultrasound and how to prepare a patient to have ultrasounds.

In Conclusion

Nurses play an essential role in the medical field, patient handling, and care. It’s the nurses’ responsibility to manage the patients’ overall well-being and guarantee comfort during treatment. Nurses also are educators and counselors to patients before, during, and after a delicate procedure. Ultrasound gets used for diagnosis and monitoring and, the nurse’s counsel, encouragement and, education can help the patient ease during the ultrasound procedure.

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