Travel With Your Dog! Effective Tips for Travel Nursing with Pets


By Republic Health Resources-RHR

December 23, 2020



Effective Travel With Your Dog!

This article was provided by Republic Health Resources

If 2020 has taught me anything it’s how important and rewarding it is to travel, especially with my dog, to new places that provide their own unique experiences. Much as you all do traveling the world from assignment to assignment!

Although my version of traveling with my dog may be different, there are still a lot of similarities if you travel with your dog!

Diamond the Service Dog

Diamond is my Service Dog and I’m convinced she’s stayed in more Airbnb’s & hotels than any dog I’ve ever met and that’s mostly because she’s a working girl. But don’t let the service vest fool you, she gets to vacation too. And, oddly enough, there are plenty of establishments that will allow dogs on your vacation/long term housing both with and without a deposit. Best advice tip is to DO YOUR RESEARCH! Almost all pet policies will be on their website even for Airbnb/VRBO. If for some reason it isn’t, pick up the phone and get in a conversation! As most of us know, in the Travel Nursing world, policies and procedures can and do change constantly.

Having everything you need

Coming from a swat/tactical background, I was taught that having everything you need equipment-wise ready and together is imperative to completing a solid plan. And, that means being prepared for all things, maybe even being over prepared, if necessary. After enough of the wise jokes from friends about “packing for two” and my always growing BRILLIANT ideas, I got Diamond her own luggage. When I say luggage, it’s a tactical over the shoulder bag that you can find on Amazon, yes, links to all contents are below.

Proper Identification

Although her vest has any and all information about both her and me, I still made sure her bag had her name and my phone number on it as well. There are a lot of serious details to her bag that most wouldn’t think about. What if there’s an emergency and I was somewhere else while she was resting in my hotel room? Who would know to evacuate her if a waiver/notification sheet at the front desk was never asked of me to fill out? Your dog’s safety is just as important as the safety they provide, and it is our job to provide them with everything they need to stay safe. Without thumbs, they most certainly need our help. With that in mind, having a seatbelt and harness for your dog is extremely important for their well-being and yours. If they aren’t secured and an accident occurs, what could happen is a chance I’m just not willing to take.

Is your co-pilot anxious for any variety of reasons?

Diamond suffers from some storm anxiety, so although I try to monitor the weather conditions for our drives, sometimes we just can’t control the weather. In Texas, we can experience all seasons in one day. What has worked for Diamond is CBD treats/oils. I purchase ours locally and use the oil dropper on food and hard treats on the road or on those times when she may be without me for a while. These can be purchased legally and even online with shipping!

Quick breaks along your road trip for water, playtime, or potty is an excellent way to not only stretch their little legs but ours as well! Make it fun! When mapping out your trip to your next assignment/destination, see what local dog-friendly stops there are! Lots of restaurants, patios, truck stops, and even some stores are dog friendly, and they LOVE it when you stop in with your pawtner!  

Traveling with your dog for a full 13-week assignment will, of course, look much different than our typical week trip for Diamond and me. But hopefully, you’ll have taken a couple of TREATS from our travels for your own!

Tell your dog we said HI and safe travels!

Helpful items if you travel with your dog:

Locally/Online sold – Dixie Dog Treats

Locally/Online sold – CBD American Shawman Treats

Travel Bag – Amazon

Travel -Tainer – Amazon

34oz Red Collapsible Bowl – Amazon

Hotel/Room Door Hanger

12oz Blue Collapsible Bowl – Amazon

Poop Bags & Poop Dispenser

On the go water and water dispenser


Bungee Cords (packing/travel)

Check out the

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