Travel Nursing Blues: 5 Ways to Beat the Travel Nursing Blues

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By Kevin Devoto

January 17, 2022



5 Ways to Beat the Travel Nursing Blues

Nursing is a very well-respected profession, but it comes with some long hours and hard work. There are a variety of specialties that a nurse can choose from. Some may work in doctor’s offices, others in hospitals, and still others may move from place to place as a travel nurse. This specialty comes with some added challenges, however. Travel nurses often have to deal with more feelings of loneliness and isolation in their careers, as they don’t spend long periods of time in any one facility. If you or someone you love is a travel nurse, here are five ways that you can help combat travel nursing blues.

1. Practice Self-Care

The most important thing you can do is to recognize your feelings and emotions and process them properly. It’s normal to feel alone and lonely when traveling for work, especially if you are in a new area of the country. Bottling up your emotions will only make them worse and could even begin to affect your work performance. Instead, let yourself feel what you feel and work through those feelings. This level of caring for yourself goes beyond self-care- it’s ultra care.

2. Video Chat With Loved Ones

Modern technology lets you see those that you care about even when far away. Video chatting through apps such as Facetime, Zoom, or Skype can help you catch up or connect with your friends and family members. You could even attend special events virtually this way if your work doesn’t let you travel home for special occasions. This can help you feel more connected to home, and less like you are missing out on important things. That stronger connection helps stave off travel nursing blues.

3. Connect With Locals

Nurses very rarely work alone. Chances are, you will be part of a team with other nurses and medical professionals. Even though you may only be working at the job site for a short period of time, it’s still worth getting to know your teammates. Building connections with them will not only boost team morale and performance but can also give you a stronger connection to your current location. Ask your teammates where they like to go to eat or what they like to do for fun. Accept any invitations they offer to get together after work or invite them out yourself. Spending time with others in person can help prevent travel nursing blues.

4. Explore the Local Area

There’s something unique to see or do in nearly every city. Take the time to learn about where you are assigned. Is it well-known for a specific type of food? Does it have beautiful scenery? Is there a local historical site worth exploring? Visit the local tourism office for information, or ask your teammates or other locals for recommendations. Spending time exploring your new city can help you feel more connected to it and build positive memories. As you get more comfortable with your surroundings, you may find that your feelings of travel nursing blues disappear.

5. Practice a Favorite Hobby

Another way to help keep yourself from feeling lonely is to keep yourself busy. You could take up a new hobby, or you could bring supplies for a current hobby with you in your luggage. Keep your hands busy with knitting or crocheting, keep your mind busy with a stack of good books, or keep your body busy with exercise routines. No matter what you choose to do, keeping yourself going and occupied will leave less time for sadness to set in.


Travel nursing comes with a higher risk of loneliness and feelings of isolation, as you spend so much time on the road and away from loved ones. You can help prevent these by connecting with loved ones back home or by finding ways to connect with people and places in your new city. Doing so will keep you feeling more connected and surrounded by people who care. That can translate into far less loneliness, no matter where your work takes you.

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