5 Things to Put on Your Travel Nursing Amazon Wish List

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By trustaff

August 31, 2020



5 Things You NEED From Amazon for Your Next Travel Assignment

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Planning what to pack for your next travel assignment can be a challenging task. With limited room in your car, you’ve got to be smart about what you bring! Everyday necessities like clothes, toiletries, shoes, and your nursing bag are a no brainer, but what else can help make your next assignment feel like home?

We’ve created this Travel Nursing Amazon Wish List to add a few helpful items to your packing list that you just can’t miss! (Plus, let’s face it, we all love a good Amazon buy and Prime shipping!)

 Filtered Water Pitcher

First things first: all water does not taste the same, especially when you’re in a new place. A filtered water dispenser or pitcher is a must. With this simple Brita dispenser, you’ve got the closest thing to “water from home” you can find and without worrying about strange water from the sink. It’s also the most eco-friendly option–pair it with a reusable bottle and refill to your heart’s content!

Vacuum Seal Bags

The next item on our list will make packing much easier. Vacuum seal storage bags are life-changing for travel nurses! They come in multiple sizes that can fit in your trunk or even in your suitcase if you’re more the minimalist type. They can hold multiple coats, jackets, an entire bedding set with pillows, and much more, and then shrink down to a compact size! These make packing your trunk a breeze and you can save plenty of space for you other large items. If your packing list is long, be sure to pick up some of these to make the job easier.

Instant Pot

If you don’t already have an Instant Pot, maybe now is the time! With the long working hours of a traveler, the last thing you want to do after a 12-hour shift is to make yourself a meal. Instant Pots can make an entire meal in minutes, and you can even pre-program so dinner is hot when you get home! With multiple sizes ranging from 4-8 quarts, they’re also great for bulk meal prepping. If you’re staying at an extended stay or Airbnb that may not come equipped with a full kitchen, we HIGHLY recommend it!


There’s no better feeling than plopping down on the couch after a long shift. But what if your accommodations don’t come with a couch? (Such a shame!) It’s really hard to pack a traditional couch in your car, but that’s where the inflatable couch comes in! It can be packed right into one of the vacuum storage bags above and suddenly you can bring your couch along on every assignment! Just like air mattresses, air couches have come a long way. They’re extremely durable and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our pick is even a sectional! Plenty of lounge space to take a nap or relax on your day off.


Speaking of working long hours, coffee is a MUST. This cold brew press is the answer to those early mornings or overnight shifts. Making your own coffee is simple with just two steps! Mix water and your favorite coffee grounds and put the pitcher in the fridge for 12 hours. When you’re ready to drink, press the grounds down, and BAM you’ve got 51oz of cold brew iced coffee to last you a week (or not, we don’t judge!). Super simple and ready to add your favorite syrups, cream, milk, or sugar. Become your own barista and avoid the LONG coffee shop lines at any hour!

While we know there are plenty of other items that are a must for travel assignments, these are just a few necessities we feel are much needed to help with the traveler lifestyle! What are your favorite and most helpful Travel Nursing Amazon Wish List buys?

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