Housing Options: Taking the Guesswork out of Travel Nurse Housing


By TNAA Healthcare

May 24, 2021



Taking the Guesswork out of Travel Nurse Housing

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Housing can be one of the more stressful to-dos on a travel nurse’s checklist. As many traveling healthcare professionals will tell you, the housing you choose can make or break an assignment. But, by choosing the right agency, travel nurse housing doesn’t have to be a pain point for you.

Ideally, you want to work with an agency that has plenty of housing options so you can find what works best for you from one assignment to the next.

Keep reading for helpful tips on what to go over with your agency to avoid any housing disasters.

Taking Travel Nurse Agency Housing or a Housing Stipend

Whether you decide to stay at agency-provided housing (if it is available) or take a housing stipend, you want to choose an agency that will assist you every step of the way.

The goal of your agency’s housing department should be to find you a safe and clean location that is in close proximity to your hospital and that meets your individual needs, like living in a place that is already furnished or staying within a certain budget. The bright side of choosing agency-provided housing is that your options are vetted for you based on these requirements. You also might be able to skip out on a lot of paperwork as some agencies will set up utilities, housing contracts, and more for you.

If there aren’t agency-provided options that fit your requirements, you can choose to take a housing stipend instead. This gives you the ability to find a more unique stay and perhaps pocket some of the leftover stipend. Connect with your agency to see what resources they can provide to steer you toward traveler-friendly options when choosing your own housing. Some might have access to discount codes to popular lodging sites like Airbnb, leads for traveler-friendly private homes, a list of RV parks, and other perks.

Whether you plan on taking the stipend or utilizing company-provided options, don’t be afraid to use your agency’s housing resources if they are offered.

Traveling with Family and Pets

Being on the road is exciting, but we know it can also get lonely. Find out what your housing options are when you want to travel with your family and pets. You want to choose a travel nurse agency that will work with you to secure housing for your particular situation.

Some agencies will offer more than a one-bedroom housing option, but others might have limits on what they can provide. This information can come in handy when deciding if you want to bring someone on your assignment.

It is also important to keep in mind that several housing providers typically have restrictions on the number of animals you can bring, animal type, and breed. Many times, these regulations are set by the housing provider and not the agency itself. However, some agencies provide the added perk of finding nearby housing for your pet if they can’t camp out at your place (we’ve worked to find stables for horses many times). Ask your housing department if any animal restrictions apply and if you have other options before picking a place that isn’t pet-friendly.

Using a Payment Assistance Program

Finding a place to stay can come with many initial fees, like a security deposit, pet fees, the first month’s rent, and more. That can be a large sum of money to take out of your account at one time.

See if your agency offers a Payment Assistance Program because you might be able to get assistance with these costs. A Payment Assistance Program can help pay for some of the initial moving costs and then automatically deduct a portion of the cost from a period of paychecks once your assignment has started. Your housing department would show you what this would look like coming out of your paycheck, and you wouldn’t have to pay all the moving fees in one lump.

No matter your circumstances or if you choose to pick a housing option on your own, you want your agency to still be a useful resource for you from assignment beginning to assignment end. Ask them what your options are for housing and how they can help get you in a comfortable stay.

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