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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

December 23, 2018



Ask A Travel Nurse: Friends Travel Together?

We encourage readers of The Gypsy Nurse to ask us your Travel Nurse questions. 


I have a best friend that is a Nurse.

Is it possible for travel nurse friends to travel together?

Thank you,

Sonji RN


Sure! Obviously, the needs of the hospital and the skill set of yourself and your friend dictate whether this will work. I’ve seen travel nurse friends traveling together in a variety of ways:

  • working with the same company at the same hospital on the same/different units (dependent on individual specialties).
  • traveling with Different companies at the same hospital.
  • different companies at different hospitals.
  • Traveling and working at hospitals in nearby cities and living together.

Additionally, I have seen lots of cases where husband and wife teams take assignments together. This provides an opportunity to travel to new and interesting places they may have never dreamed of living and working.

There are many ways to manage traveling together. Some things to consider when traveling with a friend (or travel nurse spouse):

  • It can sometimes mean taking a contract in a location that wasn’t your first choice.
  • Finding a hospital that needs two travelers with the specific skills/specialties that you and your friend have can be a challenge. Be Flexible!
  • Communicate your needs to your recruiter.
  • Housing and tax issues can be complicated when traveling with another traveler. Make sure to educate yourself on the tax implication.

Most importantly, flexibility and patience are key!

Ultimately, travel nurse friends traveling together can be a wonderful way to see the country and explore your new city.

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Since just recently joining the gypsy nurse, I have had so many questions answered about the world of travel nursing. This has been an excellent resource!
—Meagan L. | Cath Lab