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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

July 1, 2019



Top 10: My Travel Nurse Experiences

Top 10 Travel Nurse Experiences

What are your top travel nurse experiences? As travel nurses, we have an amazing opportunity to explore and find new experiences every day. Here are mine. Maybe these will give you some inspiration or entice you to share your top 10 with us.

My Top 10 – Candy aka The Gypsy Nurse

  1. Being homeless. (It’s not as bad as it sounds)
  2. Stepping on the sand on the Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico
  3. Being in the stands when Barry Bond hit the record-breaking home run in San Francisco.
  4. Drove the entire 49 mile scenic drive in California – although not all in one day!
  5. Visited Alcatraz
  6. Biked the Golden Gate Bridge. And had a picnic and explored with my daughter.
  7. Watching the parade with the fans on the streets of Boston after the Red Sox won the World Series.
  8. Went “Glamping” on the San Juan Islands on a girls weekend with my Mom and daughter.
  9. Played tour guide for family and friends in multiple cities. Being able to watch how travel experiences affects others and share in this love is priceless. Seeing the look of wonder at all the new experiences (especially my nephew) is something that I’m forever grateful that I’ve been able to do.
  10. Countless hours of self-reflection and discovery. It’s not always the good times that we’re thankful for. Sometimes, it’s the trials that we go through that are the most memorable.

What are your Top 10 Travel Nurse Experiences?

Please share in the comments or better yet, CONTACT US and let us share your top 10 with the entire Gypsy Community!

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