Travel Nurse Agency: Choosing One that Values Transparency

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By TNAA- Travel Nurse Across America

September 17, 2021



Choosing a Travel Nurse Agency that Values Transparency

This article was provided by Travel Nurse Across America.

Ever spot a travel nurse job boasting high pay only to apply and find out you won’t be making that amount? Have you traveled with an agency only to find out they didn’t advocate for you when you needed them?

Transparency is vital in your relationship with your travel nurse agency. Picking an agency that values transparency means you won’t be wasting your time, adding stress to your life, or taking assignments that hinder you from accomplishing your personal or professional goals. Here’s what you can do to determine if a travel nurse agency values transparency.

Research the company

It takes courage for a nurse to uproot life and start to travel. You’re putting part of your career in someone else’s hands. There are plenty of travel nurse agencies that look attractive online, but what resources do they really offer you? A travel nurse agency that truly values transparency will echo the sentiment in everything it does.

So, before you pick an agency, you’ll want to do your research. To start your agency deep-dive, check out the content on the agency’s website; see if the agency has won awards for its services; look up reviews on trusted sites, like The Gypsy Nurse; and ask other travelers about their experience with the agency.

Look at job postings

Remember how we mentioned a transparent travel nurse agency will echo this value in everything? That includes job postings. If you see any of the below marks on a job posting, it doesn’t mean the agency isn’t transparent. But, you might want to ask more questions before agreeing to an assignment.

No work hours or shifts listed

Say you find a job in your specialty and in the area you want to travel. Do the work hours or shifts listed on the job post-match what you want? Are they listed at all? Choosing the right amount of hours or a preferred shift can work wonders on your psyche. If the work hours or shifts aren’t listed upfront, be sure to ask your recruiter to get these details for you before you agree to a contract.

Disclaimers on the job post

Nothing is more eye-catching than high pay, but it’s always important to read the fine print. Some travel nurse agencies will show a high range of weekly pay, but is that truly the amount of money that will deposit in your bank account each week? Look on the job posting for any disclaimers that factor benefits, reimbursements, or travel nurse expenses into the advertised pay. Exaggerated compensation can just be a quick distraction to get you past the disclaimers and in the agency’s door.

Ghost job postings

Ever apply for a job only to find out it no longer exists? Yes, an attractive travel nurse position can go fast. However, some agencies might post a ‘ghost’ job to get a traveler’s information. While the traveler wouldn’t be submitted for the ‘ghost’ job (since it doesn’t truly exist), the agency would still have the candidate’s information to solicit them and readily submit them for other jobs. It’s a sneaky tactic that doesn’t build a relationship based on transparency.

These are just some of the factors that can help travel nurses determine if an agency values transparency in its relationships. Ready to do an agency deep-dive? Start your research here on The Gypsy Nurse.

We hope you found these tips for choosing a travel nurse agency that values transparency helpful. Are you looking for your next travel nurse assignment? Click here to view our job board. Do you need to secure housing for your assignment? Click here to view our housing page.

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