Travel Assignment in California: Top Reasons

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By trustaff

December 15, 2022



Cali Dreaming – Top Reasons to Take Your Next Assignment in California

Trustaff provided this article.

California has so much to offer to any traveler, let alone healthcare travelers. It’s a highly sought location to travel to for many great reasons specific to healthcare travelers. We’ve come up with this very appealing list of reasons why you should think about taking your next assignment in the Golden State of California!

Top reasons to take your next travel assignment in California:

With the size of the state and many different hospital systems and facilities throughout, there are always many travel jobs available. California’s market for travelers is always consistent, and the need for travelers is always steady. Not only do they have a wide variety of assignments, but they also offer fantastic pay. Many assignments in the state are higher than in most other states. If you ever think there isn’t an assignment in the Golden State matching your specialty or modality, think again! California is full of high-paying assignments for healthcare travelers of all kinds.

On the topic of the size of the state, California offers an endless amount of tourist attractions whether you’re looking for adventures on your off days or just some fresh relaxation. Are you a fan of amazing year-round weather? Southern California may be your cup of tea. South Cali offers many of the staples for tourists, such as Hollywood, Disneyland, and the San Diego Zoo, (check to see if your agency offers perks or discounts on tickets!) Palm Springs and various vineyards if you’re into the wine life. Southern California is always a fan favorite. If you’re more of an outdoorsy adventurer, travelers love Northern California. Locations like Redwood National Forest, take a walk and explore the Golden Gate Bridge, find your new favorite restaurant in the extravagant dining in Napa, and we hear NorCal also has a large vineyard and wine selection. The adventures are absolutely endless in California.

One of the best parts of working in California is the state’s mandated nurse-patient ratio laws. In 2004, the state of California enacted mandatory ratios for the safety of healthcare workers. California is the only state to have such laws. In most hospitals, the mandated ratio of a minimum of one nurse for every five patients (1:5). In an ICU unit, the ratio is one to two (1:2). Many healthcare travelers love traveling to CA to work in a state where they can practice safely.

Don’t have a CA license yet? No worries! California has emergency licenses (EMSA) available until 2/28/23, and your agency can help you with applying for an EMSA license. California’s new temporary license process is much faster than previously – travelers are applying for their temporary licenses and receiving them in 2-3 weeks. If you have already applied for an EMSA, you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to processing a temporary or permanent license. As an added bonus, many companies help cover the costs of your new licenses. This means you apply for the license (with help from your agency if needed), and they’ll reimburse you for the fees. Some companies are adding extra perks or benefits for getting a new state license – Trustaff offers a free iPad or Apple Watch!

The opportunities, adventures, and career experiences are endless in the state of California. Many travelers extend multiple times as CA has much to offer. So what do we think – are you ready to travel to California?

We hope you found this article on the top reasons to take your next travel assignment in California helpful. Are there any other reasons you think California is a great place to take your next travel assignment? Comment below.

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