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June 5, 2018



Top Ten Items For Travel Nurses

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Being on the road week after week takes So. Much. Energy. Staying organized and on top of things can easily fall to the wayside when you’re adjusting to an unfamiliar workplace with new co-workers and patients. Luckily, there are ways to make these transitions a little easier and with the right supplies, the ‘travel’ part of travel nursing can be so much easier! Here are the top ten items for travel nurses that will help your adventure be more about pursuing your passion, and less about dumping out your suitcase trying to find your phone charger and toothbrush.

Top 10 Items for Travel Nurses

Travel Cubes

If you check out one item on this list, go for these. Travel cubes come in sets with different sizes. You can keep your scrubs all in one accessible place, which is perfect if you’re juggling 8 to 12 hours shifts with exploring a new town. You can open and place into drawers, making it easy to access the contents and then easily repack. Using the cubes also helps prevent your clothes from being wrinkled (double win!). When not in use, the cubes can be folded compactly and stored. The largest one also makes a good laundry hamper in a pinch.

Packable Daypack

My favorite part of exploring a new area is taking day trips to explore my new surroundings. When I go, I don’t want to haul ALL my luggage with me so with a smaller go-bag, you can take just the essentials and enjoy the sights and sounds of a new environment. Plus, this bag folds up into a small pouch and takes up very little room in your suitcase.

Electronics Organizer

Sometimes after a long day, you want to curl up with your tablet and read or scroll Facebook endlessly until you doze off. That’s hard to do without charged electronics. This organizer will help you remember to pack all the appropriate chargers and allows you to find them with ease.

Hanging Cosmetics Organizer

As it turns out, having things visible and easily accessible can reduce moments of frustration in your day. Much like the other organizer, this can streamline your day and save you time.

Quick Drying Towel

As satisfying as a long shower can be after a shift, going to dry off with a damp towel is not fun. With a Turkish towel, you’ll never have to worry about finding it still wet. Folded or rolled up, this item is also much more compact that the standard bath or beach towel. Outside the house, they can also be used for many purposes. Coming in an assortment of beautiful colors, many use them as a shawl, a neck pillow, swimsuit cover up, or even a blanket. They get softer with each wash, but remain durable, lightweight, and fast drying.

Packable Raincoat

For rainy climates, get obsessed with this incredibly lightweight raincoat. It fits stuffed up into one of the pockets and no bigger than the size of a fist. It’s the perfect go-to for outdoor adventuring.

Portable Phone Charger

“Oh I’m so glad my phone died while I was at work” said no one ever. This compact brick can hold up to seven full battery charges, just attach your phone’s USB charger and you’ll have no problem staying connected. With two USB ports, you can even look out for a coworker in need of a quick recharge.

Insulated Water Bottle

As someone who loses water bottles like it’s my day job, this is one I’ve held onto for years. It’s sleek design fits in most side backpack pockets or even some medium to large sized purses. It insulates hot drinks for up to 12 hours and cold ones up to 24. Plus, the designs are so trendy, they always get a lot of compliments on the road or in the breakroom.

Lightweight Shoes or Sandals

Having the right shoes makes every situation better. You can pay less attention to the blisters caused by those cute but uncomfortable flats, and more to the adventures of travel nursing. These shoes are lightweight and easy to slip in even a small suitcase or backpack. The sandals are great for long walks or even hiking that will make you forget about the last 12 hours you spent running around helping patients.

Mindful Travel Journal

Last but not least, it’s important to reflect on your amazing travel nurse experiences. This journal gives prompts on how to notice your surroundings better and promote de-stressing and gratitude.

Whether you’re packing for your next assignment or looking for a gift for your favorite travel nurse, these items for travel nurses can let you focus more on helping your patients while having fun on the road.

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