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By Amber Pickler

August 14, 2023



Best Scrub Brands for Travel Nurses

Once again, we asked our Travel Nurse Facebook group members what their favorite brand of scrubs was.  Below you will find five scrub brands voted on by fellow travel nurses as the top scrub brands.   We have compiled information on each of the five scrub brands to help you better decide which is best for your next travel nurse assignment.


top scrub brands
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For the second year in a row, FIGS was voted one of the top 5 scrubs for travel nurses.

FIGS offers eight color options for women and nine color options for men. They don’t offer as many styles of scrubs as Cherokee, but they do offer four styles of scrub tops for women, five styles of scrub pants for women, four styles of scrub tops for men, as well as four styles of scrub pants for men.  They, too, offer jackets and other clothing items for travel professionals.

FIGS’ website states, “Our proprietary fabric technology is made from what we believe to be the best combination of materials and is core-spun for maximum durability to withstand the demands of a healthcare professional’s work without sacrificing comfort.”

FIGS are designed and created for comfort and durability.  The Co-CEO and CO-Founder created FIGS specifically for a friend of hers who was a Nurse Practitioner.  She created FIGS because she felt that nurses and healthcare professionals should have more stylish and comfortable scrubs.

top scrub brands

Healing Hands

Healing Hands offers the most styles of scrubs for both men and women.  They offer 19 styles of women’s scrub tops and 15 styles of women’s scrub pants.  They also offer a more extensive selection for men.  They offer six styles of scrub tops for men and five styles of men’s scrub. Healing Hands offer the most color options, as their website shows 22 color options.  They also offer a maternity top and bottom option.

Healing Hands’ founder started the company after suffering a heart attack and undergoing major heart surgery at age 43.  He wanted to give back to those who cared for him in the hospital. 

Grey’s Anatomy

top scrub brands

Grey’s Anatomy scrubs tend to come close to the top in our scrub brand polls.  Grey’s Anatomy scrubs are a line of scrubs offered by Barco. 

Grey’s Anatomy offers six collections of scrubs in a variety of colors.  If you’re looking for more flexible scrubs, Greys Signature scrubs’ stretch fabric is not to be missed. The women’s scrubs also have a more womanly shape than their boxier counterparts. To make it even more convenient, there is also a selection of Grey’s Anatomy nursing shoes and medical footwear to complete your new look.

As expected, the Grey’s Anatomy line of scrubs was created in partnership with ABC and the Grey’s Anatomy show.  The line of scrubs was an instant hit with real-life healthcare workers.  They were one of the first lines of scrubs to offer stylish non-boxy scrub options.


top scrub brands

The number one pick for scrubs for the second year was the Cherokee brand.  Cherokee offers many scrubs collections, including form, infinity, iflex, and flexibles. This variety of collections gives you more options based on your style and preferences.

With all of Cherokee’s collections, they also have a variety of colors.  As travel nurses, you know that every facility (even every unit) uses its own color scrubs.  Cherokee scrubs are a great option as they offer a wide variety of collections of scrubs as well as colors of scrubs.

According to their site, “Cherokee apparel has been known for comfort and fashion since 1972. This ready-to-wear heritage shapes the way we approach designing and manufacturing medical uniforms and accessories; it has helped our brand become the overwhelming favorite of healthcare workers everywhere.”

Because of the variety of Cherokee collections, there will likely be a collection for every travel nurse


top scrub brands

Jaanuu has been a popular brand among healthcare workers for years, so it was no surprise to see it as one of the most popular scrubs on our poll in our Facebook group.  Jaanuu offers many styles of scrubs and not just the one size fits all styles.  They offer lines for both men and women.  They offer many different styles for both men and women. They offer sizes in short and tall as well.  And because we know that not every facility requires the same color scrubs, they also offer a variety of colors.

Jaanuu also recently launched a loungewear line for both men and women if you are looking for loungewear.

We hope this article will help you decide which scrubs to purchase for your next travel nurse assignment easier.  Did we miss any top scrub brands?  Do you have a favorite brand that you think should have made our list?  Comment them below.

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