Tips to Help Relieve Your Holiday Stress This Year

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December 30, 2019



Tips to Help Relieve Your Holiday Stress

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While the holiday season brings joy and cheer, sometimes we can quickly become overwhelmed with the chaos of planning and organizing our holiday events.

To help ease some of the holiday stress, here are some tips and tricks to prepare for the hustle and bustle of holiday planning.

Check your schedule

Holiday Stress

Have an idea ahead of time of what your holiday month looks like. Make it a priority to not overwhelm yourself with too many weekday and weekend commitments. You won’t want to go away from your typical routine as that can cause additional distractions to your already hectic schedule.

Make a budget

One way to help keep you on track with timelines and goals is to budget for your holiday spending. This will help prevent any impulse buys and you will feel comfortable knowing your holiday spending limit.

Make a List

Whether it’s planning out your meals, gift wrapping schedule or remembering timeline of events. Be sure to write a list of details so you can cross items and events off as the days pass. This will ensure you haven’t forgotten anything and you’ll feel at ease knowing you’re getting everything done in an efficient order.

Avoid Confrontation

This holiday season, try your best at avoiding conflict of any type. Conflict alone can cause unnecessary negativity and unknowingly cause the stress you may be feeling. If topics you disagree with are brought up, simply remove yourself from the situation or conversation.

Make time for you

Remember what this time of year is about: Setting goals, rejuvenating and getting a fresh start to the New Year. Make time for you and recognize those times that you are overwhelmed. It might be best to stay home and relax versus be on the go. Purchase a nice planner for the new year and get ahead of the upcoming year early to avoid stress this holiday season!

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