Tips for Asking for a Travel Nurse Contract Extension

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By Jackson Nurse Professionals

March 25, 2019



Tips for Asking for a Travel Contract Extension

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Ask for a Travel nurse Contract ExtensionWhile travel nursing enables you to discover and enjoy various new destinations, you might find yourself attached to a certain location based on how much you love your nursing assignment. If this occurs, you may consider asking for a travel contract extension.

Before you talk to someone about extending your current contract, it’s important to keep in mind that some hospitals may be more flexible than others. Being open about the potential outcomes will save you stress, and a potential let down in the long run.

Tips to asking for a travel nurse contract extension:

Talk to your current nursing manager

As soon as you feel passionate about remaining in the same location for a longer period of time, have a discussion with your nursing manager. This gives you an opportunity to be vocal in how you’re feeling about the end of your contract, and this conversation can enable your nursing manager to empathize with you and work with your recruiter in your favor. You must act fast, however; waiting too long may result in your position already being up for grabs, according to Melissa Wirkus, associate editor of

“Always be vocal about how you’re feeling

at the end of your contract.”

“It can be difficult if the traveler does not talk with their nurse manager and discuss their desire to extend,” she wrote. “In situations like that, the facility may start interviewing new travel nurse candidates or, if they wait until the last minute, their apartment may get rented out to another traveler.”

Connect with your recruiter

Once you’ve talked to your nursing manager about your interest in staying, get in contact with your recruiter. He or she will let you know if they have the authority to grant you the extension. There’s absolutely no reason to feel reluctant about asking your recruiter, even if they’ve been looking at other locations for you. In most cases, your recruiter will be thrilled to hear you want to extend your contract. Because that means you’re happy.

Always keep your options open

No matter how the conversation goes, it’s important to keep your options open. Perhaps there’s no way to extend the contract at your current facility, but there’s an opportunity at a hospital nearby. Or, maybe your recruiter just presented you with a potential assignment in a location you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Keep this in mind as you start weighing your options.

If your heart is really set on staying put for longer than your contract entails, don’t be afraid to ask. It’s important, however, that you don’t dwell if your request is denied. Remember, there’s a reason you pursued this career path in the first place. And that was to explore other cities and areas in need of care across the country. There are plenty of opportunities out there for travel nurses, so get out and explore!

Here are some additional tips for Travel Nurse Contract Extensions:

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