The Gypsy Nurse Presents: Go Healthcare Staffing Live Recruiter Q+A!

By Go Healthcare Staffing

September 26, 2019



The Gypsy Nurse Presents: Go Healthcare Staffing Live Recruiter Q+A!

Live recruiter Q+A

Go Healthcare Staffing recruiters Craig and Peter went live in The Gypsy Nurse Facebook group recently. You will find this live session in the above video. Below is a little information on what was discussed as well as a little more information on Go Healthcare as a company.

Get to know Go Healthcare Staffing recruiters Craig and Peter in The Gypsy Nurse’s Travel Nurse Jobs Group on Facebook where they answer travel nurse questions live! Find out…… what sets them apart from other agencies? What are some of the questions you should ask during an interview or what are some questions that will be asked of you? After a recruiter submits you for a job, how long should you wait to get a call? AND SO MUCH MORE!

Go Healthcare Staffing was created in order to take a very different approach to travel nurse staffing by focusing on the unique needs of our nurses that we firmly believe helps to ensure the success of every assignment. We do this through an in-depth understanding of the travel nursing profession and a strong commitment to provide the personalized support and care that each individual nurse needs while on assignment.  Simply put, we do everything we can to make our travel nurses happy.  Visit us on our website or call us at 844-966-8773

Wanting to work with Go Healthcare Staffing? Check out their available jobs here!

To meet more of their staffing recruiters go here!

We hope that you found the live recruiter q+a helpful! If you have questions you would like to ask watch for our next live recruiter event.

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