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June 11, 2019


The Compact is Coming to Louisiana!

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louisiana compact license
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Louisiana is the 31st state in the nation to enact the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC increases access to care, protects patient safety, and reduces costs while supporting state-of-the-art health care delivery. The NLC has been streamlining the licensure process since it was first launched in 1999. The NLC is ideal for travel nurses, and saves nurses who want to take a job in another state the hassle of going through the process of obtaining a separate license.

Currently, all Louisiana licensed nurses hold “single state” licenses. This provides you the authority to practice in the state of Louisiana.  Thanks to the Louisiana legislature agreeing to the nurse licensure compact effective July 1, 2019, all Licensed Practical Nurses, and Registered Nurses who reside in Louisiana and plan to practice in another compact state can convert to a compact license which allows you to practice in multiple states.

 FYI – this does not apply to APRN licenses (sorry guys your time will come).

Highlights regarding a Louisiana Compact License:

  1. You must reside in the state of Louisiana
  2. You must hold an active, unencumbered Louisiana Nursing License
  3. Must not have been convicted or pled guilty to a felony offense under state or federal criminal law
  4. Must not have been convicted or entered into an agreed disposition of a misdemeanor offense related to the nursing practice as determined by the board
  5. Must not be enrolled in an alternative program/the recovering nurse program
  6. The multi-state license provides you the “privilege to practice” only in other compact states
  7. If your residency moves from one state to another, you must apply for a new primary state of residency license.  View the current map of the states in the NLC.
  8. You must submit a Multistate Conversion Application
  9. Submit fingerprints for an FBI background check (this encores an additional fee)
  10. Submit the conversion fee of $50.90
  11. Your renewal requirements for renewal remain unchanged and unaffected by the conversion application

As a final portion of the state becoming part of the compact, every employer is required to register each nurse into the Nurssys® system.  This process will guarantee immediate notification to all employers of any board action taken in any state. If a board action occurs, your license will automatically convert back to a single state license.

For more information on the NLC visit:

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