The Black Travel Nurses Perspective with Gypsy Nurse Mentors

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By Rachel Altum

July 1, 2020



The Black Travel Nurse Perspective with Gypsy Nurse Mentors Brittany & Paula

Gypsy Nurse Mentors Brittany Greaves and Paula Rouse share their experiences as black travel nurses with The Gypsy Nurse CEO Steve Curtin on Facebook Live.

In this video, Brittany and Paula share some of the difficulties they have to face when it comes to traveling as black nurses such as unwelcoming atmospheres in the hospitals, whether it’s peers or patients, finding housing, meeting their renters for the first time or even finding hairdressers in their new assignment location.

They share their experiences on the drastic changes in attitudes from state to state and even city to city. Both mentors have worked in California and have personally had polar opposite experiences when on assignment in northern California and southern California. One end being extremely welcoming and the other end being unwelcoming.


Brittany and Paula also share some solutions for other black or minority travel nurses who are struggling with discrimination at their current assignment location.

One solution they recommend is to do as much research as possible before taking an assignment. One way to find out the atmosphere of certain cities and states is to ask our community on our Travel Nurse Network Facebook Group. Another way to research is to ask your recruiter. They should have a general idea or know another nurse who has been at that location.

The Future

As Gypsy Nurse Mentors, Brittany and Paula are both voices of our travel nurse community. We rely on them for feedback and to ensure all voices are heard throughout our platforms. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or moderator or feel like you are not being heard or seen on any of our platforms, please e-mail

If you have any questions for Paula or Brittany, please e-mail or you can reach out to them directly on their Instagrams:

Paula Rouse: Instagram

Brittany Greaves: Instagram

Check out the original Live video here

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