TGN Virtual Conference: How to Live Your Best Life as a Travel Nurse

By Brittany Greaves

August 5, 2020



TGN Virtual Conference: How to Live Your Best Life as a Travel Nurse

Presenter: Brittany Greaves

Are you living your best life as a traveler? Ready to live life to the fullest? Join Gypsy Nurse Mentor Brittany Greaves in this live session and learn how you can live your life EVEN BETTER as a travel nurse.

About Brittany:

North Carolina Native turned Nomad! I’ve been a nurse for 7 years and traveling for 3 years in the PICU/CV-PICU. I began my career in Adult CV, Progressive Care, Palliative & Hospice before I started taking care of superheroes 18 and under. My hopeful heart continues to lead me to medical missions abroad where I’ve run clinics, lived on a hospital ship, and provided hospital staff education. If I’m not busy loving on the children of the world you can find me either eating crave-worthy food, on some thrill-seeking adventure or living it up internationally. I’m your go-to girl if you want the real on travel nursing or top ten travel guide!

The Gypsy Nurse Virtual Conference:

Please join us at The Gyspy Nurse for our Virtual Conference all this week: August 3rd – August 7th.

Sessions include:

  • Confidence is a Choice
  • Non-Traditional Travel Nurse Assignments
  • Protecting Yourself from Online Housing Scams
  • What’s so Funny About… COVID
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Push a Little in Hiking and in Life.
  • Tax Home and Multi-State Issues
  • Vanlife
  • 1 Hour Yoga Session
  • Happy hour! 3 Easy Drinks to Make on the Road

Each session will be turned into an article and on our website, for you to watch at your convenience within 24-48 hours of the time it went live. If you are looking for other sessions please visit our Videos section on The Gypsy Nurse site. We hope you find these sessions helpful and fun!

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