Summer Bingo Card for Travel Nurses

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By Gifted Healthcare

July 30, 2023



Your 2023 Summer Bingo Card: Brought to You by Gifted Healthcare.

Gifted Healthcare provided this article.

Summer is the time for adventure, so what’s more perfect than a summer bingo card to get you out and exploring on your travel RN assignment?

Gifted Healthcare has created the summer 2023 bingo card with travel RNs like you in mind. You have a brand-new city that is waiting for you to explore, and this card of adventures will ensure you have the summer of a lifetime! Download the bingo card below and mark off your card as you thrive through the summer.

Summer Bingo Card

Gifted’s Must-Do Items

Make a New Travel Nurse Bestie

This feels like a must for any travel assignment. Meeting other nurses just like you traveling the world is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to connect with someone you otherwise would have never met. One of the easiest ways to cross this off your bingo card is with Medventure, an app connecting the healthcare travel community! Make an account and plug in your assignment city to start meeting other healthcare professionals in your area. The app also hosts group meet-ups for a bigger social outings.

Take a City Tour

Every city across the country has a unique history and culture, and a lot of cities have tour opportunities that you would have never guessed available. San Francisco has an Infinite Mirror Maze, a psychedelic labyrinth in the Bay Area. Go back in time and have a true Blockbuster experience at the last shop to still exist in Bend, Oregon. Boston, Massachusetts, is home to an enormous, inside-out glass globe built in 1935 that you can tour. In New Mexico, you can take a tour of the White Sands National Park, the largest pure gypsum deposit in the world – people even go dune sledding! All this to say, you never know what unique and quirky tour your city offers. Do some research and see what catches your eye.

Take a Break at a Local Coffee Shop

What’s cool about coffee shops is there is never just one of them. Every local will have their favorite, so we suggest you ask around. Ask patients, ask co-workers, and ask anyone at the grocery store. “What is a coffee shop around here that I have to try before I travel back home?” You can make an entire list from the locals’ suggestions and see how many you can check out. After trying them all, you can even decide on a favorite in the town for yourself!

Send a postcard back home.

Share your adventures with loved ones back home by sending a little snail mail. You can find a postcard at a locally-owned boutique, a museum, a coffee shop, and more around your new city. You could even make a postcard with a picture from your hike, pizza outing, or concert in the area to share your own vantage point. Something as simple as a postcard like this helps hold a memory closer to both your heart and your loved ones.

Attend a Concert

Do you remember your first concert ever? It was probably your favorite band performing at the venue in your hometown, best known for hosting the most popular performers. Well, the cool thing about performers traveling from town to town is that you can experience their music and new venues! There are famous concert venues across the country, like Madison Square Garden in New York, Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, Ryman Auditorium in Tennessee, and so many more that have their own charisma and history. It adds so much to the atmosphere to experience live music in a new place, so discover what venues are famous near your travel assignment and get lost in the music.

Find the Perfect Place to Watch the Sunset

Finding the perfect place to watch the sunset can be a magical and memorable experience. As you travel from town to town, each location may offer unique and picturesque spots to witness the beauty of nature’s evening spectacle. Some common ideal places include scenic overlooks, beaches, parks, rooftop bars, lakes and rivers, botanical gardens, observation decks, and even from the highway on a long drive. Hopefully, this list gives you a few ideas to start, but your best option is to ask locals! See where your co-workers and your patients like to watch the sunset and learn from their personal experiences.

Share Your Bingo with Gifted

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