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By Morgan Elliott

February 21, 2022



Stress Relief: How Travel Nurses Can Use Their Time to Recharge

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Being a travel nurse is an exciting and fulfilling role. However, due to the responsibilities this job bears, many nurses tend to get overwhelmed and stressed. Even though most jobs nowadays are stressful now and then, prolonged stress can have extreme consequences on your health. This leads to burnouts and even mental illnesses like anxiety and depression!

Due to that, taking care of your mental health and taking time to get relieved from stress is crucial for this type of job. Since, as a travel nurse, you spend most of your time helping patients, it’s time to help yourself minimize stress! It’s a challenge that is not easy to overcome, but how can you succeed?

1. Stay organized

Even though staying organized is essential for any type of work, being a travel nurse requires top-notch organizational skills. As you frequently move from one place to another, keeping a schedule can help you stay organized and know your next move. But how can you do so if your every day is different?

The truth is that organization itself can cause stress if it’s not done correctly. Create schedules, to-do and checklists to stay on top of your game. They can be applied to various different situations and places. Also, keeping a bag with all work necessities can be a true lifesaver. Such organizational methods reduce anxiety as you know you already have everything you need.

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2. Get enough sleep

Naturally, getting enough sleep is vital for work. As it’s one of the main methods people use to cope with stress, sleep is an amazing remedy that relaxes your entire body. Due to stress, many travel nurses have trouble falling asleep. Is there anything you can do to make yourself fall asleep faster?

Practicing good sleep hygiene is essential for every profession. However, if you work as a nurse, you’re not only responsible for your own health and life but also for your patients’. So, to fall asleep faster and have a better quality rest, try to always go to bed around the same time, if possible. If you’re frequently working night shifts, practice sleeping during the day. Also, leave your phone before bed. That can help you relax and fall asleep faster.

3. Set a self-care routine

One of the best ways to minimize the effects of stress and take care of your well-being is having a self-care routine. Caring about your physical and mental health can have a meditative effect on your brain, which causes you to relax and enjoy your day. How can you set a self-care routine?

The self-care routine doesn’t have to be anything complicated. For instance, to establish a proper self-care routine while working as a travel nurse, drink a cup of tea or black coffee in the morning to start off your day right. Additionally, taking care of your hair, nails and skin also have a soothing effect on your mental health. Practice things that are beneficial for you.

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4. Have a “me day”

Besides daily self-care activities, having a day just for yourself is a fantastic way of relieving stress as well as handling burnout. In case you didn’t know, “me days” are periods dedicated only and solely to you. You can do activities you enjoy the most during these times, such as reading a book, taking a bubble bath, or hiking!

Travel nurses don’t get many chances to enjoy a day by themselves. However, “me days” are ideal stress reliefs. Keep in mind that different people recharge in different ways. Therefore, what might work for one, it’s not a good option for the other!

5. Create a quality support system

Did you know that most people tend to talk to the closest ones when they are stressed? Since you’re far away from home, having a way to reach out to people is crucial. Sadly, your friends and family members may not always understand what you’re going through as a travel nurse. Therefore, try to build a quality support system with your colleagues.

When colleagues are mentioned, many people may think about boring emails and calls. However, you can create internal communication using informal chats and shorter content. Such internal communication examples can help you stay in touch with colleagues as well as set healthy boundaries between work and private life.

stress relief
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6. Try yoga and meditation

Yoga is an ideal balance between resting your mind and keeping your brain active. One of the best ways to remove tension and stress from your body is by daily practicing yoga and meditation. Even though you might have a packed schedule, you can always do these light exercises for 15 minutes.

Pranayamas and asanas are fantastic ways of letting go of all the negativity gathered during the day and enjoying unbothered rest of your time. Yoga and meditation keep you physically active without getting tired. Quite the contrary, they fill you up with energy and positivity for your day.

Final thoughts

Working as a travel nurse can be extremely stressful. You have to deal with patients daily without having much time to dedicate to yourself. However, with these stress relief tips, you can recharge your batteries to improve the quality of your personal life and work productivity!

We hope you found these tips for stress relief for travel nurses helpful. Do you have any tips for stress relief for travel nurses? Comment what has helped you below.

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