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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

August 8, 2018



Step #8: Submission of Your Profile

Travel Nurse Application Submission

travel nurse application
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It’s time now to submit your travel nurse application for the agencies that you are interested in. In Step #7:  Researching Travel Companies you took the steps and researched travel companies.  You should have narrowed your potential list down to 3-5.  You have already talked to them and hopefully you have a better idea which ones are going to work out for you.

The Travel nurse application process is a bit different than the standard job application. It involves several steps and items that you will need to be prepared to address.


In step #6 we discussed Building your Travel Portfolio.  Now it’s time to put that portfolio into work. I recommend that you contact the recruiter and inform them that your interested in working with them on finding a travel nurse position.

If you already have your profile finished it’s a quick step to simply email the completed profile to the recruiter in .pdf format.  I recommend that you follow-up with the recruiter within 24 hours after submission to make certain that it was received and ask if there is anything else required to complete your profile with the company.


It’s important to note that although I covered ‘most’ of the paperwork required, many travel nurse agencies will have their individual requirements.  This may include a set of online testing.  This is generally not paid for and will have to be completed during your own time.  This is just one reason that it’s important to research travel nurse agencies in advance.


When the recruiter confirms that all of your paperwork is complete, it’s time to start looking for a position.  Hopefully, the recruiter has already given this some thought and has a few recommendations for you.


Due to the fact that most travel nurses work concurrently with several agencies when searching for their next contract it is VERY important to make it clear to your recruiter(s) that they are NOT to submit your profile to any hospital without your prior approval.  This is imperative to make clear to the recruiter.  The last thing that you want is for a hospital to get your profile from two different companies or for you to get an unexpected phone call for an interview that you didn’t know you were being submitted for.  This DOES happen so please make sure to communicate this with your recruiter.


Hospital Submission

It’s perfectly acceptable to be submitted to several hospitals at the same time.  You should keep notes on which company has permission to submit you to which hospitals. Keeping track of this information makes it easy to follow-up with the correct recruiter.

NEXT STEPS for Travel Nurse Application

Now that you have submitted your profile, it’s time to start building a relationship, which we will discuss in the next step. The next several steps will be done concurrently. It’s important to understand all of these steps in order to be successful.

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