Staying Fit As a Travel Nurse

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By Kevin Devoto

September 5, 2022



Staying Fit As a Travel Nurse

Nursing is an incredibly physical profession. You’re on your feet all day, lifting patients, making beds, and doing everything you can to keep people comfortable. To be a successful nurse, you have to have some level of physical fitness. Without both mental and physical strength, your body will give up before you’re ready to retire. If you’re a travel nurse, here are some tips to help you stay fit. 

Compound Your Movements

The first tip for you to stay fit as a travel nurse is to compound your movements. Because of your busy schedule, you don’t have time for long, drawn-out workouts that isolate each muscle for maximum definition. The solution? Big, compound movements that work for the entire muscle group. For instance, do squats rather than seated leg raises. You’ll still work out your quads, but you’ll also include your glutes, calves, and hamstrings in a single movement. Similarly, do bench presses instead of chest flies. You’ll work your chest, shoulders, and triceps instead of isolating your chest. 

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In addition to compounding your movements, take a pre-workout and post-workout nutrition supplement with you. These supplements give you helpful nutrients you need to maintain energy throughout your workout, allowing you to do big compound movements for a longer period. Choose supplements that have all-natural ingredients, so you can feel confident about what enters your body. Le-Vel Thrive reviews are positive, with many clients being professionals like you. If you combine natural pre-workout supplements with compound movements, you can improve your fitness.

Use Commercial Gyms

Another tip for staying fit as a travel nurse is to use commercial gyms. While these fitness centers may not have the homey and welcoming feel of your local gym, many chains are available nationwide. Getting a membership to a commercial gym such as Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness, or 24-Hour Fitness gives you access to well-stocked gym facilities at any placement. As a travel nurse, you move around often. Having a standard, you can rely on will provide a sense of normalcy when you’re away from home. 

A second benefit to commercial gym chains is that they all have similar equipment. When you get a membership to a gym chain, you can rely on each facility to have the same gear as the next. Each work placement has an adjustment period. You have to figure out your housing, your work, and the local grocery store, but your gym will always stay the same. When you’re a member of a commercial gym, you don’t have to relearn how to work out every time you move. 

Have a Backup Plan

Finally, having a backup plan will help you stay fit as a travel nurse. If there isn’t a commercial gym in the community, you’re placed in, or you don’t like the environment of a busy fitness center, having a plan to work out at home is a must. While you may not be able to get the same effect from a home workout as you would from a gym, you can still stay fit and healthy. The beauty of the digital age provides many free workout programs on platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. Simply search the muscle group you want to work with and your experience level and get started. 

Packing fitness gear with you while you move can help you maintain motivation. If you have a yoga mat and gym clothes, you’ll be more likely to exercise between shifts. Don’t let a lack of gear keep you from staying healthy. By packing your exercise materials with you on each move, you can encourage yourself to stay healthy and fit. 

Overall, nursing is hard on your body. By staying fit, you can reduce the amount of damage your profession does to your joints and soft tissues. 

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