#StayHome: Self-Care Tips for Travel Nurses to Stay Sane

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By Brittany Greaves

May 15, 2020



#StayHome: Self-Care Tips

Self-care in a pandemic has me thinking about the saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. Regardless if the hair salons or massage business is closed, we have to make ourselves a priority and find the time for our revamped self-care routines. Here are some ways I’ve been staying sane while ‘staying home.’

Self Care Starts with Self Love <3

To love means to learn the art of nourishing our happiness. If we think of things as loving ourselves and pouring into our own cups no matter how small, it changes the thought process behind it to “I love myself so I _____” Knowing your deserving of self-love; self-care becomes a tool to replenish said love. Do some internal work: journal, meditate, read a new book, devotionals/prayer, or take a social media break. Your mental health is key in staying strong during a fearful time, another helpful resource for me, has been therapy. It’s a listening, judgment-free, let it all out the type of environment – why wouldn’t you sign up?

Healthy Eating/Exercise/Sleep

Don’t burn the candle at both ends! All of us are working tirelessly and our minds, bodies, and souls are exhausted. The quickest way for us to leave ourselves even more vulnerable is to live unhealthily. Recharging your battery with the right stuff gives you the energy, push, and stamina to outlast these times. We’re all nurses so we know what endorphins do for our brain. So go get some, they’re free! Put more color in your diet. Get those 8 hours. Whatever you do, take care of yourself before you take care of others.

Put On Real Clothes!

“If you look good, you feel good” I know those sweats are comfy, but when was the last time you got dressed? I don’t mean roll out of bed my delivery guy is here dressed. I mean top and pants with no elastic waistband—Well its time to take yourself on a take-out date, meet your friends for a virtual happy hour, or try out a Tik Tok. You’ll feel more alive and like yourself, don’t you miss you?

Show Gratitude

I saw an affirmation that blew my mind: ‘the most powerful weapon against your daily battle is finding the courage to be grateful anyway’. We all are going through a lot right now but we are all also, very blessed. So remember that, put it out in the air, and breathe it in. The best advice I could give in this time is to be thankful for the laughs, the tears, and the life.

Sending You All Light & Love -Britt

Do you have any tips for staying sane during this time or some self-care tips for travel nurses? If you would like to share them please comment them below.

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