How to Stay Healthy Out on the Road During Winter


By Kevin Devoto

November 20, 2021



How to Stay Healthy Out on the Road During Winter

Any time of extended travel can affect your health, but this is especially true during winter’s harsh weather. Travel can be stressful. As a travel nurse, you know this firsthand. It is a disruption in your routine and can limit access to normal self-care and wellness practices. And extreme temperatures or dry air can wreak havoc on your system. You can, however, overcome any challenges of being on the road with a little forethought.

The trick to a successful trip is to plan for any circumstance and adapt your schedule and health practices to the availability of services on the road. You may not be able to get in a full gym workout routine, but it is entirely possible to stay healthy and fit.

Stay Healthy Out on the Road During Winter

Watch Your Nutrition

A healthy diet will go a long way to keeping your energy up and your body strong. Good food choices are key to staying in prime condition. It is especially important to watch what you eat when you are under additional stress by traveling. It may be tempting to give in to easy, fast-food options, but make sure this is an occasional treat and not a staple.

Taking a supplement can help you get the balanced nutrition you need. A Prebiothrive coupon makes it easy and affordable to take this beneficial blend.


Sitting for long periods of time to travel from assignment to assignment can make you feel sluggish and your muscles stiff and sore. The lack of exercise isn’t good for your health either. Make some time to stop and take a walk or do a few stretches to give yourself a break and get the blood flowing.

Care for Your Skin

Traveling can be tough on your skin, even more so when it’s cold outside. Harsh temperatures and dry, windy air can dry out your skin and make it more susceptible to damage. Take extra care of your skin by cleansing and applying a good quality moisturizer at least twice a day.


Dehydration can contribute to headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms, so make sure to drink enough water. This could be more difficult to remember when you’re on the road, so make it easier by getting a large water bottle to track how much you’ve had.

Dress Appropriately

Pack the right clothes for your trip. Cold weather can be dangerous if you aren’t dressed appropriately. Warm layers are best. Don’t forget your hat, scarf, gloves or boots either. These essentials will protect you from the cold and keep you comfortable.

Stay Safe

Your vehicle also needs to be properly outfitted to handle the winter weather. Basic maintenance like tire pressure, oil changes, and fluid checks should be tracked and kept up with, but snow and ice require additional considerations. To stay safe, make sure your car has winter tread snow tires to navigate bad roads. You should also keep an emergency kit of essential medical, survival, and food supplies on hand in case you get stuck. Travel is unpredictable in the best of times, but a snowstorm can happen quickly, and it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Manage Stress

Stress has a big impact on your health, so make an effort to manage it. Being on the road can often lead to increased amounts of stress, so self-care practices like meditation and exercise are more important than ever. Take at least a few minutes each day to check in with yourself and gauge your stress levels.

Share Your Itinerary

If you are planning on a long trip, you might find it helpful to give a copy of your itinerary to a relative or friend. This gives them a better idea of what you are doing and how to reach you if they need to.

If you take proper care of yourself and your vehicle, your road trip can be stress-free and productive during any season. A few thoughtful moments of planning and preparing can make a world of difference and keep you safe, comfortable, and healthy.

We hope you found these tips to help you stay healthy while out on the road during winter. Have you found any tricks to stay healthy while you travel during the winter months? Comment them below.

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