Social Media Posts: Read This Before Your Next Social Media Post

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By Go Healthcare Staffing

July 6, 2021



Read This Before Your Next Social Media Post

This article was provided by Go Healthcare.

By now, most of us have a presence or participate in some type of social media platform.  The urge to social connect is powerful and even more so for a segment like travel nursing.  Being active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram shows that you are not alone; there are hundreds, in fact, thousands of Nurses just like you who share a “gypsy” soul and are traveling cross country from one 13-week travel contract to another. 

Being able to connect can allow you to find a new assignment, perhaps a place to live, or simply connect with others while being a Traveler.  The positives of being on social media are endless; however, there are a few reminders worth keeping in check before your next social post.

  1. Stranger, danger?  Do not let your guard down online.  Be thoughtful and careful about what you share on social media.  Keep a “digital border” with people you connect on the road or in social media groups.  Although rare, there are bad actors who may take advantage of solo travelers.  This tip is not exclusive to women. 
  2. Had a bad day at work?  It may even be justified to vent about the hospital “dirty laundry” on social media groups, but Reminder #2 is: Do not bash employers in a public forum.  Friendly reminder: social media is a public forum – yes, even groups that are supposed to be private.  As tempting as it seems to vent to your peers, how well do you really know the thousands of members of a group?  And who do they know?  Rule of thumb: if you want to share how bad of an experience a travel assignment/hospital is to warn or help others, be constructive, be truthful, but leave out direct names of facility or employees.   
  3. Be a “Privacy Setting” expert.  Understand your privacy settings on each of the various platforms.  For your user profile, can everyone see everything you have shared/posted?  Then ask yourself, “should they”? 
  4. Be HIPPA compliant.  For selfies at work with #travelnurselife #nursemode (not vetted hastags), be cognizant of any posts or pics that can be considered violation.  Don’t be THAT nurse.  Some HIPPA violations on social media have had the best and even heartwarming intentions.
  5. Watch your language & correct your spelling.  In a social media world full of emoji oversharing, ALL CAPS no-holds-bar tirade, do your best to maintain a certain level of decorum.  You are a nurse, the most trusted profession  in our country. What you do and what you say matter both in person and online.    

When used properly, social media IS a utilitarian tool to not only stay connected but to stay informed for travel nurses.  The platforms have given everyone a place to gather and a place to share carefully.  We hope you find these 5 tips/reminders useful before your next social media post. 

“Just because you don’t share it on social media, doesn’t mean you’re not up to big things.  Live it and stay low key.  Privacy is everything”.  – Denzel Washington.

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