Sick on Assignment: What To Do If You Get Sick On Assignment

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By trustaff

August 18, 2022



What To Do If You Get Sick On Assignment

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Getting sick is never on someone’s “to-do” list, but it is especially inconvenient while on assignment as a traveler. Being sick and bedridden means missing shifts and trying to take care of yourself in a new and unfamiliar location. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re sick or feeling under the weather while on assignment, here are a couple of tips on what your plan of action should be.

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1. Have a plan in place

Most travelers go out on assignment alone, so first, knowing how to care for yourself is the most important step. Aside from that, familiarizing yourself with the area you’re in should you need professional help or medicine, you’re in tune with where the local pharmacies and urgent cares are. Creating a list of emergency contacts once you arrive for your assignment can be very beneficial. Keep the phone numbers and emails of your floor manager, recruiter, or recruiter admin handy in case you need to reach out. Make sure to check with those contacts to see what the preferred method of contact should be. (Call, email, or text)

2. Ask your recruiter for assistance

Missing a shift could impact your paycheck if, for example, you’re paid for the hours you work or receive a per-diem for the days you’re scheduled. Additionally, if you call out too many times throughout your assignment, you could even get your contract terminated. Regardless, getting sick happens, so be sure you know and follow your call-off process. If you’re unsure about your options or what steps to take to ensure you’re responsibly taking time off, ask your recruiter for help. Pay close attention to your contract, as it likely contains all the info you may need for call-offs, sick time, and missed shifts. Keep your contract on the agency traveler handbook on you with your emergency contacts.

The most important thing when you’re sick is making sure you’re okay. You’re health and wellbeing should always come first.

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