Four Simple Ways to Secure a Travel Assignment Despite COVID-19

By Convergence Medical Staffing

July 14, 2020



Four Simple Ways to Secure Travel Assignments Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

This article provided by Convergence Medical Staffing.

Never have Travel Nurses been so critical to the ability of healthcare facilities to deliver the services that are demanded of them, nor have staffing needs relative to patient census ever been more fluid. As hospitals are caught between COVID-19 patients and a decline in other patient volumes, most are struggling to balance shifting staffing needs. Some hospitals are bracing for intense demand, and others are announcing furloughs. Change is constant and swift. 

What does this mean for the Travel Professional?

In the current COVID-19 environment, Travelers are frustrated to find the openings they are seeking are closed or filled before they are even submitted. Some even advise that “now is not the time to enter Travel Nursing.” For sure, the landscape has changed, but we have found there are still travel opportunities for those who subscribe to these four simple practices:

Be Nimble – 

Have your bags packed, paperwork in order, and ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Do you have a travel checklist? Do you like to take certain items with you to make your travel home “yours”? Do you travel with a pet? Prepare these items ahead of application submittal. When your recruiter finds your travel assignment, you will be ready to leave with all that you need.

Be Flexible – 

Consider geographical areas you may not normally choose. Most travel professionals have specific areas of the country or even certain states on their lists to “must-see.” Just because you accept an interim travel assignment that is not in one of your target areas, doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your dreams. Be flexible, keep working, and you will get to where you want to go.

Be a Time Traveler – 

Consider applying for shifts that you wouldn’t normally work. Again, flexibility is key to keep working in the COVID-19 environment. Just because you accept an assignment with a less desired shift this time, doesn’t mean you will always have to compromise.

Beat the Odds – Have your completed Application and Skills Checklist in several recruiters’ hands PRIOR to finding your travel assignment so that they can submit you immediately as opportunities are posted. 


A Convergence Medical Staffing Recruiter submitted a candidate within 15 minutes of receiving a job posting only to find that in that short period of time, her candidate was already eleventh on the list to be considered. The moral of the story is – if you, the Traveler, haven’t positioned your recruiter to respond for you quickly by having all necessary paperwork in his hands prior to the job becoming open, you will not even be considered. 

Let’s face it, Travel Nursing is an adventure; and in our current environment stepping “further out of your comfort zone” will yield the travel assignments that you need and keep the income rolling in. We, recruiters, are learning that the agency that acts quickly is the agency that will place Travelers. Travelers that join their recruiters in shifting their application to “stat mode” will find that they can continue to travel successfully despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Be well!

Greg Allen, Operations Director

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