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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

November 19, 2013



Scrubbing IN: This is 2013 not 1813 right?

The following is a Guest post by: Lisa Rhodes, RN

old nurseThis is 2013 not 1813 right?  I just wanted to make sure.  After reading the comments and concerns by nurses about MTV’s “Scrubbing In”, I had to consult my calendar to make sure I was in the right century.

While admittedly I am not a fan of reality TV nor am I a huge fan of MTV (since there is no music left on Music Television). I can’t believe what I have been reading; or the fact that it has been written by nurses and mostly written by women.

Why even in the 21st century do we hold female dominated professions to the same personal moral standard as the 1800s?

Recently a Dallas high school Spanish teacher who posed naked for Playboy while in college has been fired.  Now we have even the ANA meddling in “Scrubbing In”?  If these were considered male dominated professions the news and internet would be silent.

No one freaked out that Dr. House is a drug addict?  How about the Physicians of Nip/Tuck, I don’t see the same moral outrage over their adulterous behavior?  Granted these are series and not reality TV.  But why do we feel that female dominated professions should appear like Little House on the Parrie on TV or when in the spot light?  Does being naked in Playboy years before teaching make an ineffective teacher?  Does having a drink or having fun after work hours make a bad nurse?  We don’t ask if our physicians are faithful to their wives before they treat us.  Why should we as nurses and women be forced to maintain a different set of morality when off the clock than men?

I thought we had women’s rights and that we have come through the sexual revolution?

Women's Liberation MovementDid I just dream that I as a woman could live my life and be held at the same standards as a man? The sad thing is that it is women and our on profession that try to regulate our personal off clock morality.  Women holding women back; women denying our rights as women.  I didn’t see the AMA throw a fit that Dr. House or Dr. Sean McNamara and Dr. Christian Troy were destroying the profession of physicians?  There was no outrage that their behavior would stop patients from seeing or respecting their doctors.  Why then must we as women and nurses have to behave any differently?

What is even more disturbing is that most of those who write against “Scrubbing In” are just as guilty of the same lude behavior and poor morale judgment themselves.  They don’t advocate against women or nurses living their life as they choose so as long as they hide it and pretend it doesn’t happen.  As long as we allow even the thought of others dictating our off work hours behavior, we condone the subjugation of women.

I can say I didn’t enjoy “Scrubbing In” thus far.

My dislike was not because of some preconceived notion of how I think nurses should act while they are off work, or that fact of how others might perceive nurse because of a few drinks and silly behavior on their off time.  I just don’t enjoy reality TV.  But, I feel that I must stand up and support “Scrubbing In” if for no other reason than I feel that the attempts by the ANA and other nurses attacking the show because they cast of “Scrubbing In” aren’t pretending or behaving as the perfect 19th century subjugated woman.  I have no desire to be a Stepford Nurse, especially at the behest of the ANA or other women!

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