RV Travel Nursing: How It Could Transform Your Experience

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By Nurse 2 Nurse Staffing

May 25, 2023



How an RV Could Transform Your Travel Nursing Experience

Nurse 2 Nurse Staffing provided this article.

Did you know that the minds behind Nurse 2 Nurse Staffing were once avid traveling professionals themselves? Indeed, we’ve navigated the thrilling and challenging journey of being a traveling nurse! The countless adventures, the captivating allure of the unknown, and the ever-present question of “where next?” are experiences we’ve lived firsthand. Together as a family, with our two kids and our furry friend, we traversed several states. The best decision we made during our travels? Investing in a mobile home—or RV became our constant companion, a home away from home, accompanying us on every new journey!

Preparing a meal after touching down in a new city—our next travel assignment awaits!

So, why an RV?

Imagine this: a home that travels with you, holding all your belongings, always ready for the next adventure. When I was a travel nurse, and during the initial days of setting up our agency, we had our RV ready to roll out within a span of 10 minutes! Stow away your items in the RV’s cabinets and drawers, empty your tanks, and you’re all set for the road ahead. We always managed to find picturesque RV parks equipped with swimming pools, laundry facilities, and other amenities. It was akin to being on a perpetual vacation! And the freedom to explore your current state or even venture into the neighboring one on your days off—all for the cost of renting an RV spot elsewhere for a day or two—is a wonderful way to truly immerse yourself in your travel nursing experience.

Reveling in the winter wonderland at our new campground—complete with laundry, a playground, a general store, and weekly BBQs!

But wait, aren’t RVs challenging to set up?

Absolutely not! The sales rep took us through every feature and function when we bought our RV. Connecting a few tubes, aligning colors, and lowering the jacks is all it takes. And remember, there’s a world of helpful YouTube videos out there to guide you through any situation.

Budgeting for Your Home on Wheels

Assisting Dad with the stability jacks—a breeze!

Investing in an RV is not just about purchasing a vehicle—it’s about acquiring a mobile home. Just like any home purchase, it involves various costs that you should consider as part of your budgeting process. Let’s break down the main expenses associated with owning an RV:

  • Initial Purchase: The cost of an RV can vary widely based on factors like size, age, brand, and features. A new RV can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $300,000 or more, with travel trailers typically being the least expensive and large luxury motorhomes being the most expensive. Used RVs can be a more affordable option, but it’s essential to have a thorough inspection done to avoid unexpected repair costs down the line.
  • Financing: Like with a house or a car, many people choose to finance their RV purchase. Keep in mind that interest rates and terms can vary, so it’s important to shop around for the best deal. Also, note that longer terms will lower your monthly payment but increase the total amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan.
  • Insurance: RV insurance is a must-have, and the cost will depend on factors like the value of the RV, how much you use it, and whether it’s your full-time residence. Expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per year for RV insurance.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Just like any vehicle, an RV will need regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Budget for routine maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and engine checks, as well as less frequent expenses like replacing tires or batteries. Also, keep some money set aside for unexpected repairs.
  • Operational Costs: These include fuel for driving, propane for cooking and heating, and expenses for campgrounds or RV parks. These costs can vary based on how much you travel, where you stay, and the size and fuel efficiency of your RV.
  • Depreciation: Just like cars, RVs depreciate over time. While this won’t affect your monthly budget, it’s an important consideration if you plan to sell your RV in the future.

Remember, owning an RV can be a cost-effective housing solution for traveling healthcare professionals, especially when you consider the savings on hotel stays and dining out. However, it’s vital to understand and plan for all the associated costs to make an informed decision and ensure that your new mobile home fits comfortably within your budget.

Resources for RV Owners

As a traveling healthcare professional living in an RV, there are numerous resources available to you that can make your life on the road a little easier. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Good Sam Club (goodsam.com): Good Sam Club is one of the largest organizations dedicated to RV owners, and it offers a plethora of resources. By becoming a member, you can get access to discounted RV parks, fuel, and camping supplies. They also offer roadside assistance, travel assistance, and insurance services tailored specifically for RV owners. The Good Sam Club also has a community forum where you can connect with other RV owners, ask questions, and share your experiences.
  • RV Parky: This is an easy-to-use tool that helps you locate RV parks, campgrounds, rest areas, and other places to stop while on your journey. It includes user reviews, which can be invaluable when choosing your next stop.
  • Allstays: Allstays is another excellent resource for finding campgrounds, RV parks, and rest areas. The site also provides information on low-clearance spots, which can be essential when navigating an RV.
  • RVillage: Consider this as a social network for RV owners. You can connect with others, join groups, participate in forums, and even arrange meet-ups. It’s an excellent way for traveling healthcare professionals to meet other people on the road.
  • YouTube: While not specifically an RV resource, YouTube is filled with helpful how-to videos on everything from RV maintenance to cooking in your RV kitchen. Just search for your question or problem, and you’re likely to find a video that can help.

Remember, part of the fun of being on the road is the community you build along the way. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice or share your own experiences with these resources. The RV community is known for its camaraderie and helpfulness, so take advantage of it!

The Joys of RV Living: Benefits for Traveling Healthcare Professionals

Living in an RV as a traveling healthcare professional comes with a host of benefits that can significantly enhance your overall travel experience. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Flexibility: The flexibility that RV life offers is unparalleled. Being able to move from one location to another at your convenience, without the hassle of packing and unpacking, is a game-changer. On your days off, you can easily switch locations, explore a new city or state, or even take a mini-vacation.
  • Cost-Effective: Investing in an RV can be more economical in the long run than constantly renting apartments or staying in hotels. With an RV, you have the added benefit of avoiding expensive short-term leases or hotel rates. Furthermore, cooking your meals can lead to significant savings over dining out.
  • Comforts of Home: One of the challenges of travel nursing is continually adjusting to new living spaces. With an RV, you have a consistent living space that you can personalize to your liking. Your own bed, your own kitchen—these familiar comforts can provide a sense of stability amidst the constant change.
  • Healthier Living: Having your kitchen lets you have more control over your diet, enabling you to eat healthier and cater to any specific dietary requirements you may have. Additionally, many RV parks are in beautiful outdoor settings, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and exercise.
  • Community: RV parks often have a strong sense of community. You’ll get to meet and interact with a diverse group of people, many of whom are also on the road, leading to new friendships and a strong support network.
  • Pets-Friendly: If you have pets, an RV can make traveling with them easier and more enjoyable. Many RV parks are pet-friendly and offer amenities like dog parks. Plus, your pets get to enjoy new environments along with you.
  • Enriching Experiences: Living in an RV provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in each new location. You can wake up to a new, beautiful view every day, get to know different areas of the country, and make the most of your travel assignments by experiencing local culture and attractions.

Ultimately, the benefits of RV life go beyond practicalities. The sense of freedom, adventure, and connection to the outdoors that it can provide makes it an exciting and rewarding option for many traveling healthcare professionals.

Isn’t it a bit cramped?

Waking up to this view outside our RV—simply breathtaking!

Well, it requires some adaptation, especially for a family. We had to learn to travel light to keep our mobile home as spacious as possible. Most of our stuff stayed at our home base in Texas, and we refreshed our supplies during breaks between assignments. If you ever feel a bit tight on space, step outside—that’s the beauty of RV living. With a gorgeous view right outside your door, the RV never feels too small.

Our RV has been the backdrop for some of our most cherished family memories. It has taken us to North Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, providing a unique perspective on our beautiful country. The initial cost of the RV quickly proved to be a worthwhile investment, offering a more economical option than renting apartments or staying in hotels. Plus, the convenience of having our belongings with us and cooking our meals was not only cost-effective but healthier too! The ability to uproot and explore a new city or state on a whim was an added bonus. With the soaring costs of rental housing, an RV could be the perfect answer to your housing concerns. As the founders of Nurse 2 Nurse Staffing, we’re committed to finding the best opportunities for traveling professionals. Let’s talk about your next exciting adventure—get out there and explore!

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By: Megan Jones, Division Manager, Nurse 2 Nurse Staffing

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