New Requirements for the Travel Nurse: Tips for Travel Nurses

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

July 18, 2015



New Requirements for the Travel Nurse

We recently polled our sponsor companies to see about a rumor of new credentialing requirements for college transcripts. We were shocked to learn that this is truly becoming a new requirement
for travel nurses for many hospitals.

Travel Nursing is an ever-changing field, just as nursing in general is. There are constant changes in our industry and it’s up to us to make certain that we have the most up to date information available.

These are views on the new requirements for the Travel Nurse:

Mike Spies, Client Manager at Atlas Medstaff states that “The places that do ask for these (transcripts) normally want it mailed directly from the school. It is just so rare. Hopefully, the recruiter will be aware when they are submitting you for a position if the hospital will need that. It is good to have a copy of your transcript though, just in case.” He further reports that “I would add that not all facilities are uniform. You will find facilities that will just take what’s on the background check, some will take the transcript directly from the nurse, and others that do require a transcript will only take it directly mailed from the school. The recruiter should have all the requirements that the facility requires for compliance and present them to the nurse.

Scott Smith, Recruiting Team Leader at Tailored Healthcare staffing states “We are starting to see more and more facilities requiring them. If you have a copy of your diploma, that will typically work, but if you don’t have it, they’ll ask for official transcripts.”

Julie Cerbone at Cross Country denies that she has run across requests for transcripts but reports that “some hospitals are asking for diplomas now.”

Travel Nurse, Jackie Gray reports that Banner Hospital System is requesting transcripts as well as an undisclosed hospital in Lancaster, OH.

Lissa Harris-Soto at Century Health concludes that we may “start to see the trend eventually hit nationwide as hospitals go through their lab accreditation renewals” She further reports that the requirement “is for units that do POC testing. Which includes ER, Cath Lab, and L&D. This is for facilities that have inhouse labs that are accredited by governing agencies.” Traveler, Shelly Coto Grecco backs up Lisa’s report by stating that “I needed transcript or diploma for documentation purposes to run ISTAT’s and POC testing for a CA hospital. Does not need to be official or sealed.”

No one, including recruiters, wants additional paperwork. Different facilities and different states have different requirements. Travel companies, recruiters, and nurses have to jump through the hoops imposed by the facilities. So my advice is to get a copy of both officially sealed transcripts as well as your nursing diploma for your records and add to your profile so you can easily access it to send to your agency.

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