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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

July 12, 2016



Reporting a FB Group Member via Facebook

Reporting a FB group member is as easy as a couple of clicks of the mouse. However, this helps us manage the group.

As the Gypsy Nurse Network group grows, it’s inevitable that conversations will stray and sometimes become unproductive. We try very hard to keep this group monitored for self-promotion, and other disregard of our Group Guidelines. It’s a 24/7/365 job and we need your assistance!!  If you see a conversation on our Gypsy Nurse Network group that needs reported to the admin, please do one of the following

REPORTING a FB Group Member

If you click on the little drop-down arrow on any conversation, it gives you several options; one of which is ‘report to admin’. When you report a post to the admin, it gives us notification that something needs our attention and we can then address.

Reporting a FB Group Member

Send as Message

If you don’t see the ‘report to admin’ (sometimes Facebook doesn’t show this as an option and PLEASE don’t report to Facebook!)…you can send any post via MESSAGE utilizing the same drop down arrow. Reporting a FB Group Member


Thank you for helping us keep the Gypsy Nurse Network group moderated by reporting any posts/comments that go against our Core Values: Community, Camaraderie, Collaboration

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