How to Market Your Rental to Travel Nurses: Housing Tips

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By Furnished Finder

January 11, 2021



How to Market Your Rental to Travel Nurses

Whether you are a travel nurse yourself and looking to offset some of the costs of maintaining a tax home or a landlord trying to reach travel nurses in need of short-term housing, it can be hard to know how to reach your ideal client.

Even if you are a part of the travel nurse community, finding someone who is going to be in the right place at the right time is difficult enough. Then to find a new tenant when that first one leaves–it can get to be very frustrating.

At Furnished Finder, we specialize in matching landlords who prefer short-term tenants with travel nurses who are in need of what they have to offer. Here are a few ways we suggest marketing your short-term rental to travel nurses:


List your place on a platform like Furnished Finder. 

The advantage of listing your property on a site specializing in short-term rentals is you will have people coming directly to you asking to rent your space. You invest a little bit of time and money upfront and, ideally, will not have to do much work once you get a renter or two in and receive good reviews.

Try Travel Nurse Housing Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are a little more hit or miss. But they can get your rental out fairly quickly in front of thousands of people. Our two favorite Facebook groups are the Gypsy Nurse Housing Group and the Furnished Finder Housing Group. Here, you can post what you have available and hope to connect with a traveler in need. The main downside is that you will need to re-post regularly if you need to fill the vacancy. Older posts will become less visible per the Facebook algorithm. 

Reach out to your recruiter.

If you are a travel nurse yourself, let your recruiter(s) know that you are opening up a rental space for other travelers. Give them the basics about your rental. Including the price. Invite them to share it with travelers or other recruiters who might be able to spread the word even more. Recruiters have a lot of connections in the industry, so they might be able to find a match for you.


Consider putting up a notice at a local hospital.

If you have connections with a unit or manager at home, ask if you could be allowed to post a paper notice about your space. This could attract some last-minute travel nurses who are still looking for housing. Also, the manager may be able to recommend housing in interviews, which could draw in potential renters.

Make sure your renters are leaving reviews.

As a travel nurse landlord, you need good references just as much as a tenant does. Be sure to ask all of your current or previous tenants if they would be willing to give you a good recommendation to future tenants. This could be as simple as potential tenants sending them a quick email. If you are listed on a professional platform, don’t be afraid to gently remind them to leave a review when they move out.

The travel nurse housing market can be a lucrative place to earn passive income. But it may be a little intimidating to get started. By knowing how to market your rental effectively, you can feel more confident that you will be successful in this venture. For more tips on becoming a travel nurse landlord, be sure to check out this E-Book

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