Reflections on Nurses Week - "Remember why"

By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

May 16, 2014



Reflections on Nurses Week 2014 – “Remember why”


nurses weekWith Nurses Week ended, it is only fitting that we do a sort of follow-up, with a reminder as to why most of you are nurses or working in the medical field. We all know that nothing in this life is perfect. Being a travel nurse has its fair share of problems. I believe that most of us started traveling for the same basic reasons, but we started this field for more than money. I wanted less political headaches and yes, more money. But I wanted to travel to areas that had a need for my knowledge, skills and my compassion. And I wanted to see new places, embark on adventures and meet new people.

When you get frustrated
1) Remember the best possible moment, or feeling in your career (It will carry you through the worst moments of your career).

2) Remember you are needed and in demand ( not every person can do what you do!).

We get to see new sights, faces and have new experiences at 13 weeks at a time!

And always remember why you started this crazy travel adventure – if you look out the window, it’s probably RIGHT THERE!

Regardless of what your paid or the the miles you had to go! Someone has benefited from you being on that assignment.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath and put on that uniform. No one else in the world is in such demand.

Hold more hands, take the time to spend a few extra moments with that patient. Make a difference in the world around you. That is why you’re there!

From everyone at The Gypsy, thank you for all that you do, everyday!

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