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By Helen Birk

January 29, 2021



How to Manage Your Professional Development as a Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is a demanding career, and healthcare institutions are always searching for the best-equipped nurses in terms of education and experience. The health sector is rapidly changing as new technologies evolve at a high pace. The travel nurse who trained more than ten years ago may find themselves overtaken by technology. 

It is important for the travel nurse to continually advance their profession through continuous education. Work demands can prevent travel nurses from advancing their skills, but wise planning can help them manage their professional development.  


Travel nurses are always on the move working from one state to another or internationally. The travel nurse might not consistently follow their coursework in a traditional college because their practice will demand they travel for anything between 3 weeks to 12 months or more. 

The best remedy for their professional development will be e-learning to help them earn continuing education credits. Resources for e-learning can be available through a wide range of programs like workforce development, medicine, practices, training videos, and audios. 

The travel nurse can register for an online course in an accredited college. To help them organize their study in the least stressed way, the travel nurse can use the best study apps and install them on their phones or computer. 

Join in-service training

Many health institutions offer in-service training for their staff from time to time. The training equips them with the latest practice knowledge and the new rules and regulations affecting the industry. You can continue studying with the help of external services that include coursework help from the EduBirdie team, online tutors, etc., and keep practicing to enhance your nursing skills. Sharing work with professional medical writers will ease the burden on you, and it will ensure that your studies and practical training with a good hospital continue uninterrupted. Lab reports, coursework writing, medical essays, and much more – it’s all possible with a good academic writing service.

The health workers also learn about the latest technology available for the health industry and how to use it to benefit the patients and staff. If there are fresh discoveries of disease-causing viruses and bacteria, the staff is taught about the new developments and how to handle patients infected with the new disease. In-service training keeps the health workers updated with information and technology to help them better their performance. 

Travel nurses can take advantage of in-service training to help them in their professional development. If the training takes place when they are working in the institution, they can request to be enrolled in the in-service training course. 

Take short courses during breaks

Travel nurses may not be able to attend regular courses while working, but they can register for short courses during their breaks. The travel nurse may not continually be working as the other nurses in permanent employment. 

They can take advantage of their break and enroll in a short course that can take a few weeks to complete. They will earn a certificate for the course and advance the next time they get another break. 

Many travel nurses complete a second degree by attending college during breaks and keeping themselves updated with the latest technology in the nursing practice. 


The travel nurse might not earn any salary during the volunteering period, but it helps their professional development. Each working environment is unique, and the nurse will handle different categories of patients. The technology available in certain centers of health could be better than what the travel nurse is used to. 

Through volunteering, the travel nurse gets the chance to access and use the best technology, which they could not have access to if they were seeking employment in the institution. The travel nurse will refine their skills and build greater confidence in their practice. They will also have the chance to work closely with some of the best doctors in the industry. 


Professional development is critical in today’s competitive world. When a travel nurse is better trained, they gain more opportunities in their career path. Many employers seek workers who better understand the latest technology in their field and know how to use it in their practice. When the travel nurse improves their education, it does not just benefit them as individuals. It also benefits the thousands of patients they handle during their career life.  

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