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September 12, 2012



PanTravelers: Professional Association of Nurse Travelers

Professional Association of Nurse TravelersWhen it comes to Professional organizations for Nurse Travelers, they are few and far between.  Finding support or even information related to travel nursing it’s very difficult to find (unless it’s coming from an agency).  I was lucky to find some great resources early in my Travel Nurse career.  One of the most useful resources out there (my opinion) is PanTravelers.  I asked Phil Light, President of the Professional Association of Nurse Travelers to help me inform my readers about this great resource.  Here is what Phil had to say:

Gypsy Nurse, who is a long-time association member, has asked me to write a short post to introduce PanTravelers to her readers. We thank her for this opportunity. is the official website of the Professional Association of Nurse Travelers

Our all volunteer association has a single purpose – to provide support for travel nurses and other healthcare travelers. PanTravelers is by far the most extensive and comprehensive source of unbiased information available to travelers on the Internet. Many of the tools and resources we provide are found nowhere else. We provide professional development and business tools intended to improve the experience of healthcare travelers. PanTravelers is the one unified voice that can advocate for changes within the industry on behalf of travelers.

Travelers who turn to the internet for information about travel nursing will soon discover that most web sites aimed at healthcare travelers are owned by agencies, and they will find that most of the content on these web sites is written to serve the marketing purposes of the agencies. PanTravelers welcomes the new breed of nurse-owned web sites like The Gypsy Nurse to the growing online traveler community.

PanTravelers’ many services include:

  • Insights from experienced travelers, i.e. “Tricks of the Trade”.
  • A very deep web site that includes many in-depth articles and resources about issues specific to travelers. Some topics include health insurance, negotiation, housing, taxes, and professional portfolio.
  • PBDS information (best available anywhere!) and pre-employment test taking tips.
  • A powerful “real pay” Traveler’s Calculator.
  • Legal advice and services from our General Counsel, one of the top contract employment attorneys in the country.
  • Tax tips and advice from our in-house tax professional.
  • Unbiased education about choosing an agency or an assignment.

The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers invites you to join by visiting the association web site at
Basic membership is free! Basic Members have access to many useful services and tools including our incomparable Traveler’s Calculator. Basic membership is a good way to learn more about the association, its resources and services. All association members are allied with experienced professionals who are there to help you navigate every step along this rewarding career path.

Full membership costs $65 a year. Full Members enjoy unlimited access to all the resources and expertise of the association – including more extensive content, professional tools, and services including legal aid. PanTravelers is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation that does not accept advertising dollars. Membership dues support the entire mission of the Association. Membership is tax-deductible for travelers.

Thanks Gypsy Nurse for this opportunity to talk about our association.  See you in Las Vegas at the Travelers Conference!

– Phil Light, RN, President

This post was not paid for or sponsored by PanTravelers.  It’s truly something that I believe is a valuable resource as a Nurse Traveler.  I would ask that you visit the PanTravelers website and see what they have to offer.  PanTravelers is one of the Sponsors at this year’s Travelers Conference. The Travelers Conference is also a great resource for anyone currently working in Travel Nursing or interested in Travel Nursing.   I would love to meet you there.  A huge thank you to Phil Light for providing this information.  He is a full-time traveler as well as President of PanTravelers.  Phil has been an active part of the Travel Nurse network for several years.

  Professional Association of Nurse Travelers

2012 Travel Nurse Conference

If you know of additional resources for Travel Nurses, please feel free to contact me and let me know.  My main purpose is to educate and inform nurses in this specific field.  You can contact me through the comments or one of the submission forms below.  I am also available via Facebook and Twitter.  If you like what you’ve read here don’t forget to SHARE.

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