Portable Workout Equipment Our Top Choices

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By Sancket Kamdar

January 9, 2022



The Most Effective Portable Workout Equipment 2020 – Our Top Choices

Working out feels like a chore when traveling. But going without exercise for even two days in a row gets a real fitness enthusiast very anxious. You can’t carry your heavy dumbbells in your bag, obviously. What then?

Just cardio! Yes, 30-40 minute cardio, 3-4 days a week, allows for muscle maintenance and strength gain maintenance. Cross-fitters don’t mind swapping their cross-fit equipment with some high-level cardio using compact yet effective travel workout equipment.   

Portable Workout Equipment

With the right travel exercise equipment, you can avoid missing your workout sessions and start your mornings pumped up even without a gym when you’re away for a vacation or a business trip. We have made some top picks, some compact portable workout equipment that can challenge the fittest athletes. Check them out.

Water Weights –

Water weights are one of the most portable exercise equipment, but only when your travel setting allows it. If you happen to have a pool or a water body where you’re traveling to, you can go for water weights that are made of foam and plastic so that they can be heavy in the water.

Underwater workouts are quite effective if you combine the enhanced resistance of water weights with the natural guided underwater motions. If you’re planning to just swim, you can carry other compact travel fitness equipment, such as foam ankle and wrist weights, to increase resistance in your exercise.

Resistance Bands –

Foldable and super compact resistance bands are the top choice of travel exercise equipment for many fitness professionals and even cross-fit athletes. From simple resistance exercises to tough session goals, workout bands can cater to almost anything since the resistance they create can replicate the standard dumbbells.  

You can get single resistance bands or check out some challenging ones where you can insert more than one band in a single hook for more resistance. You can also get one with adjustable resistance.

Ab Roller –

We meet a lot of fitness professionals, especially cross-fitters who just don’t leave home for a vacation without a portable, lightweight ab roller. After all, it’s a great piece of workout equipment for triceps, back muscles, improving pulling strength, and core muscles, including abs. It’s perfect for high-power upper body workouts and isn’t also so much weight to carry, which makes it a travel essential for fitness ninjas.

Core Sliders –

When talking about portable travel equipment, we can’t miss the core sliders for two reasons:

One – they are small, light, and easy to carry. And two – they are great for strengthening and toning the chest, arms, glutes, and legs. With some simple exercises such as body saw, slider mountain climber, single-leg knee tuck, plank jack, etc., using core sliders, you can complete your exercise session equally effectively when you’re out traveling.

Speed Ropes –

The last and important one – speed rope. A speed rope is a must-have travel workout equipment when you can’t go for a full-fledged workout but don’t want to lose all the progress. Speed ropes are designed to be faster than ever to help you work harder and train better. Moreover, speed rope exercise is good for improving footwork, agility, coordination, endurance, and quickness, which is why it should be a part of every fitness enthusiast’s regular workout routine.

Moreover, we are all guilty of those extra calories we consume when on trips or vacations. With a speed rope, you can burn calories and fat quickly.

With these super-effective portable workout equipment, you can continue your fitness regime without a break and also compensate the guilt of gorging on all the delicious food on a vacation that you just can’t say no to. I hope this was helpful!

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