February Gypsy Nurse Travel Spotify Playlist: Tunes for Travel Nurses

By Rachel Altum

February 27, 2021



February Gypsy Nurse Travel Spotify Playlist

Each month we ask our Gypsy Nurse Instagram followers where they are this month in our story. As our inbox is flooded with responses, we carefully curate a soundtrack dedicated to where our travel nurse community is this month. This month we picked 26 songs. So if you have about an hour and 30-minute drive somewhere, this playlist is perfect for you!

Want to hear The Gypsy Nurse’s February Traveler Soundtrack? We’ve included the Spotify playlist below! Check out the rest of our Spotify playlists as we are slowly adding songs for each state.

Disclaimer: Explicit songs are indicated by Spotify. Song lyrics are not a direct reflection of The Gypsy Nurse.


So many nurses in Arizona this month!


Check out Josh Kerr, Mark Lindsay, Kevin McHale, Frances Cone, and UPSAHL for your Arizona fix.  PALA’s Desert Oasis is an added pick, not related to Arizona, but it gives the vibes for sure. Josh Kerr will have you missing an ex you never had, my apologies. Kevin McHale will have you belting out Arizona on the top of your lungs; you’re welcome. Plus, it’s perfect for an Instagram caption or story. Frances Cone will most likely get stuck in your head, my apologies.



California has the easiest songs to find. Artists are endlessly writing and singing about the Cali life. Can we blame them? This month’s songs on our list are California Day by Common Kings and California Soul by Marlena Shaw. Want to get a little more specific? If you’re in San Diego, this song by Don Vedda is for you! Also, any excuse to add Going Back to Cali by LL Cool J, I’m going to do it. We also included No Roots by Alice Merton since it’s so fitting for the travel nurse life.



So many songs about Colorado out there but this month, Colorado by Sam Burchfield really hit our soul.



I love any excuse to play Welcome to Atlanta by Jermaine Dupri, so I’m super excited Gypsy Nurse Mentor Paula is in ATL this month!


The song Chicago by Sufjan Stevens will definitely give you those Chicago vibes.  Pop your headphones and explore the city with this song.


This is a tough one to find songs for unless it’s about Boston. Massachusetts by The Lady Bug Transistor is a smooth, relaxing song that you need to listen to while crossing that state line.



Reno is always a popular assignment location for travel nurses. There are some really fun songs for Reno, especially this one by Wild Child. She keeps the state themes, too, with her song Oklahoma.

New Jersey


Assignment in New Jersey, and you’re ready to rock out? This one will definitely give you those punk rock 90s vibe.  New Jersey Girl by Nerf Herder is definitely a little bit of a headbanger.



Texas is a hot spot for travel nurses and easy to find songs for. This month we found, She’s Like Texas by Josh Abbott Band and Texas Sun by Khruangbin and Leon Bridges.


Utah by French Cassettes and the posts from The Overlanders on Instagram will have you calling your recruiter asap to get you an assignment in Utah. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



If you’re ever working or visiting Seattle, I highly suggest listening to Hello Seattle by Owl City. It can be fun feeling a little cheesy because of how poppy it is, but sometimes it’s fun to be a little cheesy right? We also picked Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere for our Gypsy Nurse Mentor Couple Megan and Ty. Fleetwood Mac could be a travel nurse soundtrack in itself.

Washington DC

Sometimes it’s such a struggle to find songs for nurses in DC, but Washington DC Hospital Center Blues by Skip James made it so easy. This bluesy smooth song will have you singing it while walking into work or possibly all day.  


How many songs do you know about Wyoming? Well, we found it for you. This country cross of Pink Floyd and blue, Cold Wyoming Snow by Bruce Hauser & Sawmill Creek Band will have you making light of their cold winters. Unfortunately, you’ll only want to listen to this one when there is snow on the ground.

What do you think of our February playlist? Are there any songs you think should have made the playlist? Comment them below!

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