Places to Consider When Traveling in the Fall: Tips for Travel Nurses

By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

September 2, 2019



Places to Consider When Traveling in the Fall

Fall.The time of year that reminds us how beautiful change is as winter draws near. From colorful trees to slow freezing streams, here are some locations you should consider when planning your next travel assignment.

Places to visit while traveling this fall


 traveling in the Fall

Washington– Rolling hills, waterfalls and national forests will keep you busy as you venture throughout Washington. You’ll want to be sure to carve out time so you can stop by vineyards to indulge in the not only the scenery, but the flavors of fall as well.

New Jersey

New Jersey– Known for the monarch butterfly migration in the fall, you can also stop to see stunning sunsets on beaches across the state. Catching rays of sunlight between clouds, you’ll see the colors of fall casting their hues across New Jersey’s bodies of water.


Vermont– Foliage as you drive Route 9 will leave you breathless; trees with shades of red, yellow, orange and green fill vast areas of land across the state. In addition to the dramatic drive, there is a good chance you could see various types of wildlife, bears, deer and moose to name a few.


Minnesota– A family-friendly state known for their outdoor activities makes Minnesota a top spot to take in fall-time views. The are many opportunities for you to go camping, kayaking and fishing to immerse yourself in the season and state.


Tennessee– The Great Smoky Mountains and nearby farms will make for a memorable stay in Tennessee. You can take-in the views by horse-back and hiking the many trails in the surrounding area. Already rich in history, visiting Tennessee in fall will only add to the experience.

We hope this list of great places to visit while traveling this fall helps you along your travel nurse adventure!

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