Picking an Agency that Supports You on Your Nationwide Travels


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August 19, 2021



Picking an Agency that Supports You on Your Nationwide Travels

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Every travel nurse has a preference on where and how far they want to travel. Some nurses prefer to travel locally, some prefer to stay in the same U.S. region, and others fill a tiny SUV with all their belongings and drive thousands of miles to their next assignment. No matter which traveler you see yourself as you’ll always want to be backed by agency support when you take your life on the road. Here are a few benefits to look for when picking an agency.

Travel Reimbursement

A multi-state trek can be costly. It doesn’t matter if you choose to fly and have your belongings picked up by a professional moving service or you decide to haul your belongings by yourself; the price for traveling adds up quickly. Ask your travel nurse agency if they offer to cover part or all of the bill. Some travel nurse agencies will pay a hefty sum of the moving costs, but others might not reimburse you at all. For those agencies that do cover your travel expenses, ask when you can expect your reimbursement. Some agencies might put it on your first check, but others may wait.

Just be sure to keep your receipts, and if you’re driving, document your mileage at the start and the end of your cross-country trek. This documentation will likely be needed before your agency can send your travel reimbursement.

Traveler Perks

Say you’re trucking along to your next assignment, you’ve put miles on your tires, and suddenly, one goes flat. A vehicle issue is the last thing you have time for before starting your new healthcare job. It would be great if you could fall back on agency support when life’s roadblocks get in the way. See if your agency offers traveler perks, like discounts for rental cars or roadside assistance, so that you know help is available even when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Housing Assistance

The housing market is tight right now, and last-minute scrambling for housing isn’t going to cut it. When you have everything lined up for your assignment except for a place to stay, you’ll want to see how your agency can help take the guesswork out of travel nurse housing.

You might opt for agency-provided housing or see if your agency has other resources for traveler-friendly housing. If you want to find a place to stay on your own, connect with your agency to see if they offer a housing stipend. Some travel nurse agencies even have a Payment Assistance Program to help with up-front costs, like a security deposit or the first month’s rent.

As a travel nurse, you have a helper’s heart. You’ve signed up to travel miles from home to aid others who need your care. Make sure you choose a travel nurse agency that simplifies the process and makes your job as a healthcare traveler as easy as possible.

We hope you found these tips for picking an agency that supports you on your nationwide travels helpful. Are there any tips you would share with fellow travel nurses when it comes to picking an agency? Comment them below.

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