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By Medely

November 30, 2020



Five Reasons to Pick Up Per Diem Shifts as a Travel Nurse

This article was provided by Medely.

As a travel nurse, you’re well aware of the advantages of travel assignments – as well as the downsides. But travel assignment woes are just one reason you should keep picking up per diem shifts in your back pocket. 

Getting setup to book per diem shifts will vary depending on several factors. The facility you’re working at, and your travel agency is at the top of that list. You’ll want to check with both to see if there’s anything you need to know before booking per diem. If your travel agency doesn’t support per diem while on assignment, you may want to consider an agency that does. If your facility doesn’t have extra shifts for you, that’s actually for the best. As you’ll see below, there are good reasons to work extra shifts at a different location.

With that said, let’s jump into our five reasons to pick up per diem shifts as a travel nurse.

  1. Earn extra cash when you need it
  2. Enjoy complete control of your schedule
  3. Expand your knowledge and experience
  4. Evaluate new facilities
  5. Exercise your past skills to keep them sharp  

1. Earn extra cash, when you need it

A travel assignment that was canceled mid-flight. A seemingly endless Christmas gift list. Life’s unpredictable, and we all have times we could use a financial infusion. Per diem, nursing is a perfect solution as it typically pays well. Plus, when you’ve made enough to finish that gift list, you can step away for a while.

2. Enjoy complete control of your schedule

There’s a lot of freedom involved in travel nursing, but nothing beats per diem for flexibility. Per diem shifts are the epitome of “Work when you want.” Before you accept a shift, there’s zero commitment on your part. Book shifts when you need them and kick up your feet and relax when you don’t.

3. Expand your knowledge and experience

As a travel professional, you’ve seen how different a job can be at a new facility. Per diem shifts, let you work with different facilities and professionals every shift. This can give you both a broader perspective and knowledge base, as well as grow your network.

4. Evaluate new facilities

Working per diem shifts lets you test drive a new facility before committing to an assignment. Check out the company culture. Sample their caseload and pro-to-patient ratio. See if employees are a good fit for your personality—all without committing to a long-term assignment.

5. Exercise your past skills to keep them sharp

Haven’t worked a specific role in a while and need a refresher? Yup, per diem can help with that too. Developing and honing your skills will always be a benefit. Working per diem shifts enables you to do that in a way that fits your lifestyle and career plans. 

Is working per diem shifts as a travel nurse right for you?

These are just a few of the reasons why working per diem shifts makes sense for travel professionals. In fact, every nurse or allied pro likely has a reason or two to work per diem shifts. Again, If you need an agency that supports both, consider checking out Medely. They offer per diem, local assignments, and travel assignments with thousands of facilities from coast-to-coast.

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