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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

September 12, 2021



Packing for the Travel Nurse

Every Monday at 2 pm e.s.t. in November you will be able to catch The Gypsy Nurse live on our Facebook Travel Nurse Network group discussing popular travel nurse questions. We will be using Facebook Live, which is a live-stream video where people can comment while the live stream is recording. This gives you an opportunity to connect with the person recording and post any comments or questions about the topic they are speaking of.

This week’s topic was “Packing for the Travel Nurse”. The Gypsy Nurse Founder Candy Treft gave 3 tips for packing. Below are the 3 tips, tips from the members in the network group, and the original video where Gypsy explains these in more detail.

1.) What is furnished?

This ranges from the basic necessities to “turn-key”, where is everything is included. Ask your recruiter or housing coordinator, “what’s furnished on this particular contract and location”. It’s very important to ask because housing will change from contract to contract.

2.) Categorizes

Pack with smaller totes and break down your categories in 9 parts.
-Clothing and Shoes
-Work Supplies
-Personal Care Items
-First Aid and Medical
-Luxury Item

3.) What not to forget

-Things you use on a daily basis. Take stock on what you use and don’t forget to pack it.
-Take something with you that reminds you of home
Uniform Requirements
-Pack for activities and hobbies
-Pack the essentials

Packing Tips from the Travel Nurse Network

-Space bags
-Passport for when in cities near borders
-Find a nationwide pharmacy
-Paperwork with digital copies
-Pet supplies and paperwork for if you have pets
-Roll your clothes instead of folding, prevents wrinkles
-Use suitcases
-Packing Cubes

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