TGN Live Event: Compensation Packages – It’s Not Just the Hourly Rate

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By TNAA- Travel Nurse Across America

October 5, 2020



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TGN Live Event: Compensation Packages

Compensation Packages – It’s Not Just the Hourly Rate

Jean Cook and Kelly Kirby from Travel Nurse Across America went live on our social media platforms to discuss compensation packages. Below you will find a brief overview from their session.

OT rates, per diems, benefits, etc. are all important parts of compensation packages.  Learn more about what they mean and how to compare offers.

  • Hourly pay rate – effective rate
    • Income tax Rate being used by the quoting agency
  • Premiums and OT
  • Per Diems
  • Low Census pay impacts
  • COVID impacts
  • Benefits
  • Service level you want/expect
  • Think about – perm vs. travel – it is not the same, double check when a nurse manager announces something if it applies to you

About Jean and Kelly:

Jean Cook:

Jean loves to learn and to educate.  She has led all support team functions as CFO and COO in the industry.  Jean regularly works with groups of travelers, co-workers, and in the industry on education that will allow them to make the most out all that traveling has to offer.

Kelly Kirby, CPP:

As the Sr. Director of Financial Operations, Kelly leads the payroll and billing professionals through the twists and turns of our everchanging environment.  As a Certified Payroll Professional with over 18 years of experience in the travel nursing industry Kelly has either already faced or has the skills to handle any payroll issue.

We hope that you found this live event educational and helpful. Stay tuned for our next event. Scheduled for 10/8/20.

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