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By Nancy Howard

January 13, 2021



6 Nursing Apps for Travel Nurses and Nursing Students

Modern medical professionals need to stay updated with the latest developments, innovations, and discoveries in this area. There are many specialized sites, dental blogs, medical journals, and even specialized nursing apps. This article will focus on the latter.

However, with such a variety of different nursing apps, travel nurses and students can be misled. Therefore, below you will find the best applications that will help with your professional development and education.

Top 6 Nursing Apps for Travel Nurses and Students

Whether you are a student or already working as a travel nurse, there are some apps to help you get better. Some tools allow you to broaden your knowledge, prepare for exams, while other apps are responsible for workflow planning. Below you will find 6 nursing apps that are a must-have for all travel nurses and medical students.



  • Available for both IOS, Android, and PC.
  • Allows for a more accurate diagnosis statement.
  • There is a lot of detailed information on patient care.


  • The only drawback is the cost of the app. There is a trial period here.

It can be safely noted that this application is a must-have for both students, nurses, and doctors. In this app, each specialist can find the information they need to make a more accurate diagnosis or find answers to questions.

For students, there are complete discipline guidance, clinical practice, and even laboratory exercises. The tool is paid, but in fact, the fee is charged for a year, and from this perspective, this application looks more affordable.

2.   Epocrates


  • Availability of a wide database of information in the field of pharmacology.
  • The availability of a free version of the app is sufficient for students and novice nurses.
  • The application can work offline. It is available for IOS and Android.


  • While the free version offers many options, a premium membership will be a better option for healthcare practitioners.

In this application, you can find all the information on each drug, interactions between drugs, and in-depth clinical guidelines. There is also a “Pill ID” feature with the help of which the nurse may quickly get all the data about the drug. Thus, nurses can avoid mistakes in patient care, and students can better prepare for exams with this tool.

3.   NCLEX RN Mastery


  • There is a free version, but with in-app purchases.
  • Available on both iOS and Android.
  • This app is a good trainer to prepare for an exam.


  • There are no obvious disadvantages.

This app is a good option for those who want to prepare well for the NCLEX RN exam. There are hundreds of tests in this app to check the knowledge. You can not only test your knowledge but also fill in the gaps that can become an obstacle to successfully passing the exam. If you do not answer the test correctly, you will receive a detailed explanation of this issue, and thus, avoid the mistake next time.

4.   WebMD


  • There are a lot of helpful resources for students and nurses.
  • The application is available for free for both Android and iOS.


  • In most cases of diagnosis checks, this application will suggest “cancer”. This feature can confuse students and nurses.

This is an app of the famous resource of the same name. All publications and resources of the official site are available in this application. Here, both students and nurses can find useful information regarding medical practice, pharmacology, and other topics in the field of health. It is also known for allowing patients to receive information in simple words rather than complex medical terminology.

5.   NurseGrid



  • Customer support can take a long time to respond.

It is a good tool for nurses and students to plan work schedules and communicate. Here you can create a schedule for the entire work shift to be aware of who is at work. This app provides internal communication between nurses. It is a good time and task management tool for medical professionals.

6.   Med Mnemonics


  • A good knowledge base for both students and healthcare practitioners.
  • There are tips on how to memorize information faster.
  • Users note the real benefits of using the application.


  • The tool is paid ($2). However, this symbolic sum is difficult to consider as a crucial drawback.

This app is designed to help experts and students quickly memorize complex medical terminology. There are a variety of tips and about 1600 abbreviations to help you quickly understand diagnoses or terms. There are all sections of topics that are useful for both travel nurses and students. This educational tool will be useful for all users.


Choose the best apps that will help you both in education and at work. A busy schedule sometimes does not allow you to develop and study further, but apps allow you to do this at any free minute. Download any of the tools above and start improving your knowledge and skills right now.

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