ScrubsMag: Nurse's Guide to Nursing Schools (Review)

By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

June 13, 2013



ScrubsMag: Nurse’s Guide to Nursing Schools (Review)

ScrubsMag: Nurse's Guide

I was recently approached by a member of the team and asked to do a review of their recently launched The Nurse’s Guide to Nursing Schools.  I’ve taken this opportunity to provide the following unbiased review for readers of

I’m a huge fan of the articles and resources that are provided by and a proud to have been asked for my opinion.

The guide to Nursing Schools contains ratings, reviews, NCLEX passing rates, financial aid program information, and highlights for each nursing school in the U.S.

Individual Nursing School Listings

The individual Nursing School Listings offer a smooth and easy to navigate listing including the Location, NCLEX pass rate, accreditation, and a list of course requirements.  All of these items are imperative in knowing when searching for a nursing school.  The ability to easily sort through these options, allows your search for a nursing school to be smooth and easy to navigate.

In addition to the summaries above, the individual listings also include links to the official website, application links as well as community ratings. The community ratings are an important part of the listings.  If you have attended one of the colleges listed, I would encourage you to log-on to and provide your feedback for others looking.  As with all community rating systems, the more reviews the better quality of the information provided.

In addition to the individual reviews, the search capabilities of the Nurse’s Guide to Nursing Schools is excellent.  You can sort the Schools by:

  • City, State Zip
  • Top Ranked
  • Best Learning Experience
  • Best Application Process
  • Best Financial Aid Process
  • NCLEX Pass Rates (My personal favorite)
  • Most Discussed
  • For the Travel Nurse interested in advancing their education; you can also sort by Online Programs!

ScrubsMag describes the guide as the “Yelp for nursing students…” and I would totally agree!  If you’re considering going back to school to continue your nursing education, I would highly encourage you to check out the guide.

I would love to hear my reader’s feedback on these nursing school reviews from ScrubsMag: Nurse’s Guide.  What are your thoughts? Do you find the reviews helpful?  Is this a resource that you would utilize?

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