New Travel Nurse Assignment Location? What about Single Travel Nurses
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September 16, 2019



New Travel Nurse Assignment Location? What if You’re Single?

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For many travel nurses, the ability to travel and make great money are the top two reasons to GO GO GO travel. Although there are many adjectives that describe travel nurses, one not discussed openly, but prominent for many travel nurses, is “SINGLE!” So, what are some options for single travel nurses to connect with others when they take a new assignment? Here are some ideas from the GO Healthcare team:

Dating Sites

Sites like Match and Tinder will allow you join for a month or longer and provide an ideal way to start discussions before you arrive at your new destination. You can set up at a place to meet you have never been! We suggest meeting in a public place first!


New hire orientation is a great option to meet other new nurses who are also starting and welcome the opportunity to connect with others to explore the new city or just hang out. Be social! Offer to set up a time to go out and meet others.


Jump into the local community: Check out local functions such as festivals or community events online and enjoy the local vibe while meeting others who have similar interests.  It’s a great way to meet the locals.


Meetup groups are a terrific way to try something new or find others with common interests. Signup for free at “” and join groups for activities you enjoy. Engaging in a common activity provides an outstanding outlet to meet others and you might also find a new hobby or an adventure to enjoy!

It is always hard to meet new people in new areas.

But travel nurses have an adventurer’s heart – so Go – Join the adventure!

Written by: Randy Holloran, Randy Holloran is the current President of Go Healthcare Staffing.  Prior to that Randy led Cirrus Medical Staffing to the Inc 5000 as President after selling his online firm, Nursetogether to Cirrus.  Randy is also a former Board Member of NATHO.