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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

June 4, 2019



National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day

The first Tuesday of June is designated National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day. Healthcare recruiters play a vital role in the travel nursing industry. As travel nurses, we know that being a healthcare recruiter isn’t an easy job.

They work nights, weekends, and holidays. There is a commiserate with us when we have a late-night staffing issue or come off a difficult shift. They also celebrate with us the positive moments, like securing that new contract in your dream location. Sometimes they put in countless hours to find out that their traveler has taken a position with a different agency.

We all like recognition so take a minute and let your Healthcare Recruiter know that you appreciate them.

3 (FREE) Simple Ways that You can Thank Your Healthcare Recruiter

#1 Send a Thank You Email

Email National Healthcare Recruiter Appreciation Day

Send your current or past recruiter an email. Thank You. Thank them for something specific that they did in the past. Anything that might have made a significant difference in your day. I once had a recruiter that knew I was going to be driving through her town on Thanksgiving. She not only invited me to join her family for dinner but kept the entire family waiting for my late arrival. I’ll never forget this act of kindness.

TIP: Does your recruiter have a sarcastic personality? Add some fun into your email. Check out these 20+ Sarcastic Blurbs to add in a Thank You Card.

#2 Give a Recommendation

 National Healthcare Recruiter Appreciation day

Healthcare recruiters are always thankful for a recommendation. National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day is the perfect opportunity to share your recruiter love. Don’t just toss out a random ‘hey, Mr. Smith is great,’ but be specific and detail why you think this recruiter is great. Give an example of what they did for you that made them stand out from the thousands of other recruiters.

TIP: There are always posts on the Travel Nurse Network Facebook group asking for recruiter recommendations. Check it out and thank your recruiter by posting your recommendation for them.

#3 Send a Postcard

postcard national healthcare recruiter appreciation day

When was the last time that you received something ‘just fun’ in the mail? Drop a quick note on the back of a local postcard and show your recruiter how much you are enjoying your current location (thanks to them).

TIP: Don’t forget to date your postcard! If you’re not sure what to write (other than Thank You), check out these tips from Papyrus.

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