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By Kathy Timbs

April 26, 2018



My Adventures as a Travel Nurse Mom: Family Trip to D.C.

Guest Post by: Kathy Timbs

When you are a travel nurse, you miss your family and friends back home. It’s human nature. I decided to fly my older kids out one at a time. We would plan a little 4 or 5 day excursion and have some quality time. We didn’t really ever get this back home because of the school schedules and my work schedule. I find that the hospital I work for is pretty good about working with me on my schedule to book my days together.
When my oldest daughter arrived, we decided to see the Kenmore again, since that was my youngest daughter’s absolute favorite place. We also decided to mix it up a bit and go south for a day. We drove down to see Lee’s plantation and had a picnic lunch next to the Potomac. We walked around all day just enjoying the sun and each other’s company.
Just for grins, we decided to drive to Maryland for crabs. Why not, right? Life is all about the adventure. That was becoming my motto. It also gives us another state to check off our list.
We can now officially say we drove to Maryland just to have crabs. It’s funny to us because it took an hour and a half to get there, and back home, in south Texas, it takes an hour and a half to get anywhere.

After the crabs, we decided to head home. Just a side note, I had no idea how to eat them and don’t realize you didn’t eat all of it. I apparently ate the lungs. Yeah.. gross. Very sea tasting. I couldn’t figure out why everything was good but that part. Then the waitress told me I wasn’t supposed to eat it. Lesson learned.

The next morning we got up early and hit the road for D.C. My daughter’s great-grandfather is buried there at Arlington. It was a surreal experience. Seeing all the graves. Rows and rows. I am not going to lie, I cried. It was the saddest part of my journey thus far. To know that all those men and women died in a war or fought in one is just heart wrenching.

 After tears were shed we needed to find happy again. We also needed to eat. There is nothing worse than 3 hangry women. We caught a cab to the Lincoln memorial and had lunch there. It was so nice! We were going to rent bikes and ride around but my youngest wore a cute skirt, so that was out. We wanted to do the touristy thing and see all the monuments and we didn’t have a ton of time.  I thought it would be a great idea to get a cab and have him pull over at all the places we wanted to see. We would jump out of the cab, take the photo and jump back in.

 We got all the great pictures in just a fraction of the time! It was worth the $32 for the cab! I would totally do that again!! After the last monument, we decided to do the Spy Museum. This is a must see! It is all about the history of spying.

 It was indeed a very full day of history! We were able to get a good feel for what D.C. had to offer. We even got to see a museum that was not on most people’s wish list. It was a great family outing, we had a ton of fun!
Sometimes you just need to be silly and let the wind take you where ever it may. Be the leaf that travels in the wind. Let go. Be free. Be that little kid inside that we lose when we get stuck in the grind of daily life. Traveling has brought me a happiness that I thought I would never have. Traveling has given me back a part of me that I lost before I had kids. I thought you just couldn’t do it, and look at me now!! Not only am I doing it, I am rocking it every step of the way! I am a blessed woman who took a blind leap of faith and it has paid off ten-fold.

And so the journey continues…..

Kathy Timbs

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