Mountain Lover: Two Travel Nursing Destinations for the Mountain Lover

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By Brandy Pinkerton

March 28, 2022



Two Travel Nursing Destinations for the Mountain Lover

The Mountains are calling, and I must go! -John Muir

If you’re a mountain lover, adventure seeker, and love to travel to destinations that feed your passion, here are a couple of places worth considering. 


There are few major cities in America where you can be a short drive to hiking trails, mountains, waterfalls, canyons, and urban amenities. Colorado has so much to offer with its majestic Rocky Mountains range in every direction. Colorado travel assignments might just be for you if you like a winter wonderland. Colorado offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the U.S., with Vail and Aspen as two of the most popular destinations. Personally, Breckenridge is a favorite of mine. The moment you arrive, you feel a contagious energy, a laid-back mountain vibe, and a fun-loving sense of adventure that calls out the freedom-seeker in all of us! You will feel right at home, and honestly, you may not ever want to leave. For those who prefer to stay off the slopes but still want to experience all that winter has to offer, Colorado offers plenty of opportunities to snowshoe, snowmobile, or cross-country ski. My first travel assignment was in Colorado Springs; it quickly stole my heart and is still one of my most favorite assignments. It is a gem of a city! Depending on your specialty and time of year, there are usually an abundance of travel nursing options in Colorado. If you are looking for a relaxing lifestyle in a town with natural beauty that offers awesome outdoor opportunities available year-round, you definitely need to add this town to your bucket list. Staying fit and healthy is a priority of the locals, and it is a very pet-friendly town. Pikes Peak is the most famous natural attraction in the region, and you can enjoy hikes up to the 14,000-foot summit. In Colorado, you can be in the urban city but have the option to head to the mountains for a quick getaway in minutes!!

* Mentor Tip: If you are up for a big challenge, make sure to check out the extreme rated, heart-pounding Manitou Incline Hiking trail where you gain over 2,000 vertical feet in less than a mile climbing 2,744 stairs to reach the summit where there are stunning panoramic views. Trust me, the views at the top are well worth the effort!


I saved the best for last. I must warn you, proceed with caution because Big Sky Country will likely steal your heart, and you may never want to leave. As soon as you cross state lines into Montana, you get this laid-back, easy pace way of life vibe. You can follow the Rockies all the way up through into western Montana into the northern region where the Canadian Rockies begin. There are jagged peaks, pristine water, and abundant wildlife in every direction. Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier National Parks are all worth visiting while in this area. In my opinion, Glacier National Park steals the spotlight. It is land of mountain ranges carved by prehistoric ice rivers full of alpine meadows, deep forests, waterfalls, about 25 glistening glaciers, and 200 sparkling lakes. The vistas seen from Going-To-The-Sun Road are breathtaking, a photographer’s paradise. Relatively few miles of road exist in the park’s 1,600 square miles of picturesque landscape, thus preserving its primitive and unspoiled beauty. It offers tons of hiking trails and backcountry camping and hiking. Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, and Kalispell, are all cities that often have travel nursing needs. I was able to spend 9 months in Kalispell as a traveler to help them open up a brand new Children’s Hospital. As a traveler, you get to enjoy the breathtaking views of vast forests, rugged mountains, and green meadows, which will make your assignment an unparalleled adventure. Montana is truly the Last Best Place.

*Mentor Tip: Montana is Grizzly Bear country and hiking in these areas requires some preparation and planning. Make sure to educate yourself on Bear Safety and understand the proper way to secure your food. Make sure to always carry bear spray and know how to use it; it could save your life. Also, this is NOT the place to hike alone, and if you do, that is a risk you assume. Try to hike with groups of 3 or more and make lots of noise when on the trails. 

Being able to have endless adventures in the mountains is one of the many perks of becoming a traveling nurse. The mountains are a place to go to feel fully truly alive.

This is just a glimpse of the incredible locations travel nurses can enjoy while on assignment. Want to learn more? Contact today to schedule your complimentary 1:1 mentor session.

We hope you enjoyed this article on two travel nursing destinations for the mountain lover. Have you found any great mountain destinations for travel nursing assignments? Comment them below.

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