Mother’s Day: 4 Ways to Make it Special as a Travel Nurse

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May 5, 2021



4 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Special as a Travel Nurse…and Then Some

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Being a traveling healthcare worker definitely has its challenges. One of them is feeling homesick and being away from family and friends. It is especially difficult when holidays come around. If you are a traveling healthcare worker, you are used to being away on these special occasions, but it is just as important to celebrate from another state, across the country, or even if you are on assignment with your kiddos. Here are some fun ways to celebrate your mother or be celebrated on Mother’s Day. 

mother's day


In today’s day and age, there are countless ways to stay in touch with your loved ones; social media, cell phones, video chat, special apps, and more, in addition to the old school methods of sending emails or even SNAIL MAIL! Making an extra effort to reach out this Mother’s Day will put a smile on her face even if you are scheduled to work. 

  • Before Sunday, schedule a time that you and your mother or your kids are available to have a nice, unrushed talk on the phone to hear their voice/see their face.
  • Purchase a shared journal that you and your mother can pass back and forth and learn more about one another. 
  • Write some “open this when” letters and tell mom how much you love and appreciate her.

Spend Time at home together

There is no better gift to give or receive than spending quality time with a loved one. You don’t need to spend lots of money to make someone feel loved. You can find many fun things to do under your own roof!

  • Schedule a weekend to make a trip home 
  • Spend a day how mom wants to spend the day (looking at you, kiddos)
  • (Another one for the kids) Let mama sleep in!
  • Lounge on the couch together and travel the world at the same time via Amazon Explore
  • Have a make-your-own pizza party
  • Work on a puzzle together

Send a thoughtful gift 

If your love language to give is gift-giving, there are endless options of great gifts to bestow upon your mother, here are just a few options!

  • Send some Flowers
  • Order her a nice meal to be delivered
  • Schedule her a spa day or a massage
  • Purchase something off her Amazon Wishlist
  • Create a custom album, mug, or blanket on websites like Shutterfly

Schedule a fun activity

Do something out of the ordinary. Treat Yo’self by having something fun and different planned for Mother’s Day. 

  • Take a hike as a family or visit your local lake and pond for some quality time outdoors
  • Go to a movie
  • Go to a museum with your kids
  • Have a beach day!

As we aren’t still 100% back to normal after the crazy year, we’ve all had, and it’s a good idea to plan a simple day close to home or spend it outside and enjoy the time you have with each other. Take a few minutes out of your day to tell your mom how much you love and appreciate her or spend a little extra time snuggling your children. Whatever you end up doing, make sure to sprinkle the day with a little extra love.

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