Getting the Most Mileage Out of Benefits and Insurance Coverage


October 15, 2020



TGN Live Events: Benefits and Insurance.

Getting the Most Mileage Out of Benefits and Insurance Coverage.

Benefits can be an out of sight, out of mind scenario. Don’t let the unseen get by you. Join us to get the insider view of how to get the most out of benefits provided by agencies, the government, or getting your own.

Agency Provided:

  • The Basics – medical, dental, vision
  • Understanding COBRA and bridges
  • Voluntary insurance programs
  • Retirement – 401k and IRAs – how to choose the best solution for you

Government Provided:

  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Unemployment

About the presenters: Jean Cook and Cyndy Jones:

Jean Cook –

Jean loves to learn and to educate. She has led all support team functions as CFO and COO in the industry. Jean regularly works with groups of travelers, co-workers, and in the industry on education that will allow them to make the most out all that traveling has to offer.

Cyndy Jones –

Has over 30 years of Human Resource experience with an emphasis in benefits. She has worked in healthcare systems as well as agency settings. Cyndy wants everyone under her care to know how to navigate the challenges of understanding benefit options and being prepared for life’s surprises!

This is 1 of 3 live events TNAA has planned to do in our Facebook group. Click here to view their previous live event: Compensation Packages. Keep an eye out for their next event on Housing planned for October 15th at 3 pm on the TGN Facebook Fanpage.

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